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Angry Bird Dice Download

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Before Angry Bird Dice Download,  remember you must have played many games till now, and if you are a 90’s student, you must have played some of the board games which used to be there apart from the video games for us to play in our free time. Mostly in summer vacations we used to have a wide variety of board games to play, and one of the famous board game was a businessman, where we have a certain amount, and we have to multiply it as much as we can.

After the success of your Angry Birds Match, they have released  Angry Bird Dice which is  based on the board game concept, this is much like the Business Man, and if you loved that game, you would surely love this one, because this one is way better and you have much more payouts than the board game. Unlike other games of Angry Bird, this game is made by JoyCity Corp.


Angry Bird Dice Features and Gameplay:

The app takes quite a time to load, and you will have to wait till it loads. Once the app is loaded you will be asked for your age, and it will even ask you to sign in via Google Play, or via Facebook.


Facebook will be a better option as it will allow you to play with your friends.


Angry Bird Dice Download

Angry Birds Dice Game Walkthrough

On the home screen, you will get the possibility of quick play and an option to a career where you will be offered with the Beigner level at first, and you will have to get more than 30B Joys to proceed to the next level. Once you start playing there will be two types of boards on which you can play one will be a small board while other will be a regular sized board.



You have to throw in the dices, and your player will move, if you are on the fortune road, you will get one more chance, and you can easily get some instant joy if you throw the dice well. If by chance you end up on the Misery road then you will have to pay heavily in either way till you are lucky enough to get a 5 or 6 to escape the situation.


The Angry birds dice will surely take you to your past.


With each round, your places level increase and you must try to get as many cities you can get so you can have a better chance of winning. You will also have to try escaping the situation of landing onto another player’s city because there you will get to pay the taxes which can even bankrupt you and you will have to leave the game.

Angry Bird Dice Download

Angry Birds Dice Cons

The app does take time in getting you with new players, as the game requires three players to play the game, and as there are less amount of players playing the game as of now, it might be annoying for you to wait for a long time to get someone to play with.



You can escape the situation by getting your family members to play with you, and you can play whenever you want.  Another downside of the application is you will have to use internet connection for the server of the app even if the player is sitting with you in the same room.

Angry Bird Dice Android App Features:

  • Bankrupt the opponent by making him pay toll
  • Invest in Towns, so opponent have to pay more tax.
  • Time Pass for a long time.
  • Play Against family members and have fun with them.
  • Collect cool dice, skill cards, and create new strategy to win the game
  • Support for multiple languages.



Angry Bird Dice Android App Tech Specs

  • Age Rating: 3+
  • Version: 1.3.105595
  • Updated On: 2nd March 2017
  • Downloads: 500,000+
  • App Size: 400MB
  • In App Purchases: Yes
  • Developer: Joycity Corp.

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