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Having Kids can limit your involvement to other activities,  You will come across many situations where you will need to run fast and get work done,  leaving your children home. This situation can become more tensed if you don’t have any trusted family member, who can look after your child or some babysitter who you can trust in that critical situation. Read more about the Bambino App Review below.

Bambino is a babysitter finding an app which helps you out in those tricky situations by connecting you with most trusted babysitters recommended by friends and family.  


Bambino App Review


The app is free and already working in 35 cities, with more 15 cities to be added shortly. Founder of  Bambino is Sean Greene with the headquarters in Santa Monica. It currently has about 20,000 both parents and babysitters.


What Make Bambino different from others?

One of the many things that make Bambino app different from other babysitter app is that it is not just a regular job posting platform, where you connect with some unknown or untrusted babysitter. Bambino has actually implemented the real-life trusted way of asking babysitter reference from trusted sources i.e your friends, neighbors, and family. 

Bambino App Review download Bambino App Review


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Bambino App Review Features 

  • Connect with parents, friends, and babysitters 
  • You can confirm and select babysitters as per your requirement
  • Rates are published and there are no booking fees required to pay 
  • See your friends and families favorite babysitter by browsing their preference
  • Read the reviews by different past users of particular babysitter with detailed bios 
  • Rates are simple and option to pay through the app is available 

Moreover,  the app has facebook login system which makes sure that your profile is pre-populated with your information.  After login through facebook, you can see your friends and family already added in your circle. You can see their most trusted babysitter and contact babysitter directly.


Bambino App User Review

  • you love that they don’t have to ask for the rate from babysitters
  • People can request multiple babysitters and choose which one suits better for their children
  • User also  love the feature where they can see the babysitter past work and recommendations
  • The app works wonder for working parents
  • The app is not available in many other states and community
  • Frequent crashing issues
  • Its a good alternative for parents who are looking for alternative for daycare center
  • Babysitters are getting more work in comparison to work through reference
  • To see which babysitter my friends have used is a great feature as it increases my trust into babysitter too


Also, If you have used Bambino, let us know your review in the comment section below. You can post stories about how the app has made a difference in your life. 

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