Gravity Pull VR Game | Virtual Reality App (YOU MUST TRY)

Gravity Pull VR game

With more advanced mobile phone devices, it is easier to play a versatile game which we could never imagine before like gravity pull VR. Kids and adults are talking about Vr apps which are slowing taking over the world of traditional game and apps. We are reviewing one of VR apps which have become the talk of the town in recent times. Gravity Pull has been created by vrmersive.  It has 16 puzzles that a player need to solve in order to complete the game.   You have to strategically place…

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Chicken Scream Game Download | A Voice Control Game By Perfect Tap Games

chicken scream game download

Chicken Scream Game Download  Download Chicken Scream Android         Download Chicken Scream iOS When it comes to voice control there are not many games available in the play store.  Chicken Scream is an endless running game where you control the chicken by screaming at it. Developed by Perfect Tap Games Chicken Scream has become the talk of the town in very short amount of time.  Chicken scream game download has crossed millions of download in play store and iOS.  Voice control is the core functionality of chicken scream game,  To…

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Angry Bird Dice Download – Relive Your Childhood Board Games Excitement

Angry Bird Dice Download

Angry Bird Dice Download Link  Angry Birds Dice – Google Play Store        Before Angry Bird Dice Download,  remember you must have played many games till now, and if you are a 90’s student, you must have played some of the board games which used to be there apart from the video games for us to play in our free time. Mostly in summer vacations we used to have a wide variety of board games to play, and one of the famous board game was a businessman, where…

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The Line Zen Game By Ketchapp Download | Review 2017

The line zen game download

                           Download The Line Zen Game Android   Download The Line Zen Game iOS The Line Zen Game by Ketchapp is a very simple game made by Trey Smith with buildbox game creation software. It is a sequel to 2014 hit game- The Line, with a new twist! The Line Zen is not at all very difficult. In fact, the app also is not clobbered with too many features. Talking about The Line Zen on iOS, when you launch…

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The Walking Dead Our World Upcoming iOS | Android AGR Game

The walking dead game download

Since the craze for Pokemon go has settled a bit,  I am sure users are now waiting for the next crazy augmented reality game.  While going through some of the articles on google about the upcoming interesting games,  I found out about this game ‘ The Walking Dead Our World ’.     When you see their promotional teaser trailer on YouTube,  it takes you by surprise with their interesting ways of how you can kill zombies in the game that are seen around you in the real world through augmented reality.…

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Angry Birds Match Android App – Download | Review

Angry birds match download

In the famous series of angry birds games on your smartphone,  you have one more addition to the list.  Angry Birds Match Android App is just the game you need to get into your smart and cross different levels rescuing Hatchlings,  the game does remind you of famous Candy Crush pattern games but with the uniqueness and freshness of Angry birds character and the concept of hatching,  it certainly stands apart from rest.  The Angry Birds Match Android App is 88 M.B in size, which is justified given all the features…

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Ludo King Android App Free Download – By Gamotronix

ludo king game download

Today we are going to talk about,  one of the most popular games among a teen,  which can be played by a group of 4 people at the max.  Ludo King Android App Free Download is 29.3 Mb in size and doesn’t take up lots of memory while playing.   The game is very entertaining and can be played on the low-end android phone also after download.  It is developed by Gamotronix After downloading and opening the Ludo king the first thing you would notice is the login interface of the…

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Blue Whale game challenge is an internet game that is claimed to exist in several countries. The game allegedly consists of a series of the task assigned to players by administrators during a period of 50 days with the challenge of requiring the player to commit suicide.The term blue whale comes from the phenomenon of beached whales which is linked to suicide. Continue reading more about blue whale app review and why you should keep avoiding this app. Blue whale began in Russia in 2013 with f57 one of the…

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Download Teen Patti Gold | Indian Style Poker Game

Teen Patti Gold Download

Teen Patti gold is an Indian style Poker game. Developed by Moonfrog, having more than 10 million downloads in Google play store and increasing as you read. You can download Teen Patti Gold from the link given at the end of the article. The thing that makes this app the most successful is its ability to play this with real online players around the world.   The first time you download Teen Patti Gold, you get 1,00,000 chips to just get started with the game, Not to mention the daily chances of winning prizes and chips…

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Criminal Case Game | By Pretty Simple

Criminal case game download

Developed by the team of Pretty Simple and released on November 15, 2012, for Facebook,  succeeded by release on IOS on August 28, 2014. Criminal case belongs to the mystery genre, which is one of the most popular genres in the gaming industry, as well as it was released on Android on April 15, 2015. This game is based on the city called Grimsborough and the main objective of the game is to solve all the mysterious murder that is happening in Grimsborough with the help of hidden objects available in the…

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