Chicken Scream Game Download | A Voice Control Game By Perfect Tap Games

chicken scream game download

Chicken Scream Game Download  Download Chicken Scream Android         Download Chicken Scream iOS When it comes to voice control there are not many games available in the play store.  Chicken Scream is an endless running game where you control the chicken by screaming at it. Developed by Perfect Tap Games Chicken Scream has become the talk of the town in very short amount of time.  Chicken scream game download has crossed millions of download in play store and iOS.  Voice control is the core functionality of chicken scream game,  To…

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Adobe Photoshop Express Easy Photo Editor App Download | Review

easy photo editor app

Adobe Photoshop Express easy photo editor app Download Android App Download     iOS App Download Photos and Adobe are having their relations from way back since the computer was being used to edit photos.  Now also Adobe is the only company one will trust for editing their photos.  Photoshop is the best software if you want to work on any type of photo editing, and is always said to be the best friend of a photographer. Although if you need to get some quick touch up to the pictures while…

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Pixlr Quick Photo Editor App Android iOS Download | Review

Pixlr Quick Photo Editor App

Pixlr Quick Photo Editor App Android iOS Download  Android Download        iOS Download There are some quick photo editor apps available for Android and iOS,  but there are some photo editors who are trusted from long,  and one will recommend straightaway without thinking twice.  One of which is Pixlr Editor,  which has earned its place to the top 10 Photo editors for Android device in the past years. Today we are going to talk about the Pixlr Editor in detail and let you know why the editor is in…

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Candy Cam Good Camera App For Selfies Download | Review

Good Camera App For Selfies

Candy Cam Good Camera App For Selfies Download Android Download            iOS Download   With Smartphone cameras getting new and new technology day by day, we even need some good technology to render those images into something which looks artistic and some Good Camera App For Selfies. With Selfies obsession increasing within people, there is the need for some instant filter cameras where you can see in real time.  Every time you cannot get the same desired shot you want, even with a DSLR or a professional…

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Impulse Signal Generator Mosquito Repellent App Download | Review

Impulse mosquito repellent app

Impulse Signal Generator Mosquito Repellent App Download Android Download   Trouble falling asleep? Do mosquito and neighbor dog barking keep you awake all night?  YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  If you are among people who are looking for different methods to get rid of mosquito and Dog in a  non-traditional way, we have an App for you. Impulse Signal Generator is a mosquito repellent app Mosquitos are persistent and can breed in places where they could find water. If proper care is not taken, mosquitos can lead to fatal diseases. Dogs can…

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Snapseed Beautiful Photo Editor App Download | Review

Snapspeed beautiful photo editor app

Snapseed Beautiful Photo Editor App Download Android App Download           iOS App Download   Everyone is taking pictures with Phone, with Digital Camera or with DSLRs. However, everyone is not having some excellent skills of editing the photos on a PC via the Photoshop or Lightroom and get some great effects. Still one will like to edit the pictures with beautiful photo editor app, because pictures straight from sensor might have some flaw, and one might want to hide it by giving some artistic feel to the…

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Freeletics Bodyweight Gym Exercise Routine App Download | Review

Gym Exercise Routine App

Freeletics Bodyweight Gym Exercise App Download  Android Download            iOS Download   Personal trainers are costly, and if you need someone who is really good then you would have to invest more than 100$, but what if you get the same training via your smartphone. There are many different Gym Exercise Routine App on the play store where you can easily get such training, but having a trainer and having a good trainer, there is a difference between them, hence today we will be talking about one such…

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Beelinguapp Learn a Foreign Language App – Download | Review

Learn a Foreign Language App

Beelinguapp Learn a Foreign Language App download Beelinguapp Android Download     Beelinguapp iOS Download   Have you ever been to classes of German or French or any other language? There they teach via stories, the teacher recommends us a book written in German and translates the same in English or the language you know, which makes you easier to convert the language and remember it. Everyone needs to learn some of the other languages.   Just knowing one or two languages is not enough, and you might get the need…

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Fitness training plan app – 7 Minute Workout Review | Download

fitness training plan app

fitness training plan app  – 7 Minute Workout Review Download 7 Minute workout plan download Everyone wants to be fit, but as the time resists people are not able to go to the gym or just take an early morning walk and some normal Yoga to be in a right shape. However, most of the time it is not enough, and you might want to get some more guidance to get into the right shape. Even if you are going to gym you might need some assistance, because the trainer…

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Runtastic – Running & Fitness Tracker App Review | Download

Fitness is on perk right now, because each and every person need to get fit for their loved one, with more and more junk food, and many jobs coming which involves just sitting in front of the PC and working, people are becoming fat, and in order to control it the best exercise is to jog daily.   But if one doesn’t have a nice tracker then eventually his/her interest might get over because he is not able to see his/her progress which will motivate them to run more and…

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