Settle The Never Ending Debate Between Shared Hosting vs Cloud Hosting

shared hosting vs cloud hosting

With the advent of new technologies in hosting, user across the world have different choices to choose from when it comes to hosting their websites. The most two common choices to choose from for any person is either SHARED HOSTING VS CLOUD HOSTING. According to trends now days shared hosting has taken a back seat. Security, Speed, Uptime, Support, and Performance are the main factor where cloud hosting is leading the way and attracting more and more users as the first choice for hosting their website. The concept of shared…

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Engage Your Reader Before They Hit Back Button : Content Marketing Tips


Most of the user’s decision to stay on a webpage or hit back button is taken within few seconds after landing. These 5-10 seconds are the most crucial to your website. Initially, the chances of reader bouncing off your page and heading back to the search engine page are very high. There are multiple factors which need to be taken care of to reduce the probability of user leaving and decreasing the Bounce rate. A user engagement is not only a very important indicator whether your content is fulfilling its purpose but…

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How to split pdf online for free? (Most SimpleTool In Market For PDF)

split pdf online

You can come across PDF documents everywhere when you’re on the internet. No matter you need to receive key information at work, view scanned documents, share portable documents with others and more. Overall, PDF document plays an important role in our life. Tools that split pdf online becomes even more crucial. As the most defining and popular info exchanging format online, PDF comes in handy in various places. It helps you easily package a slew of texts and images together, preserve the original content of the document, print document directly or…

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