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Impulse mosquito repellent app

Impulse Signal Generator Mosquito Repellent App Download

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Trouble falling asleep? Do mosquito and neighbor dog barking keep you awake all night?  YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  If you are among people who are looking for different methods to get rid of mosquito and Dog in a  non-traditional way, we have an App for you. Impulse Signal Generator is a mosquito repellent app

Mosquitos are persistent and can breed in places where they could find water. If proper care is not taken, mosquitos can lead to fatal diseases. Dogs can be annoyance too, they start barking in the middle of the night and not give a damn about your sleep. The situation worsens if the dog belongs to your neighbors.

mosquito repellent app

The thing that makes mosquitoes unique is that they don’t have any ears and are often belong to the group of the organism which belongs to a class of insects who lack ears completely.



Mosquitos recognize sound through hair present on their legs and head in the form of vibrations. The Impulse Signal Generator Mosquito Repellent App creates very high-frequency sounds which are very similar to the sound which mosquitoes make in their natural environment and act as a dog whistle too.

As soon as the app is started it creates the sound which is very annoying to mosquitoes. you can change the volume of these sounds and so that it does not bother anyone else apart from mosquitoes in your environment. There are multiple variations of the high frequency of sounds that you can create for example 8khz, 10khz, 12khz, 14khz, 15khz, 16khz. 



High-frequency Sounds cannot be heard by human ears and it is completely safe


You can also use Mosquito Repellent Apps as a Dog Whistle. Whether you want to train your dog or want the neighbor dog to stop barking in the middle of the night, this app can come in handy. 

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Features Impulse Signal Generator Mosquito Repellent App

  • The app comes with presets setting. It includes Anti Mosquitoes and Anti Dogs and Cat whistle 
  • You can also find the User presets, where you can have custom high frequency sound as per your requirement
  • you have an option to enable the high-frequency sound in sleep mode so that even after the phone is locked, the sound keeps on coming from the app
  • The second tab in the impulse is Generations where you can have a start and end frequency setting. 

Apart from Impulse signal generator mosquito repellent app, we would also recommend Sleep sounding machines which help to achieve the higher quality of sleep by mimicking the sound of nature or any favorite sound that you find pleasant. 


Disclaimer: It is not a real mosquito repellent tool! Repelling mosquitoes and other insects using sounds is not confirmed by science. The description above is only conjectures


Some of the User Reviews about Impulse Mosquito Repellent App

  • The big mosquito seems to be irritated as soon as the app is started,  the effect on smaller mosquitoes is not clear
  • People who have allergies with chemical-based mosquitoes repellent seems to be loving it as there is no reaction 
  • Works 100% for mosquitoes on 20 kHz & some time 16 kHz
  • It doesn’t kill mosquitoes but keeps them away, even if they come closer, mosquitoes doesn’t seem to bite and annoy 
  • Having so many different frequencies stops all dogs from barking at every little noise they hear! 
  • People have successfully stopped their dogs from barking at every small sound
  • The Sound becomes audible at very higher frequency


All in all Impulse Signal Generator Mosquito Repellent App does seem to be working for many people and could be given a try to get rid of those mosquitoes or at least kept away from you and your loved ones. 

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