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Jio chat KBC play

Jiochat is a chat application,  but applying a tag of just a chat application would not be the right justice for this app.  JioChat is not just capable of free of cost messages and video calls but also able to connect you to your favorite brands through their Channels with their option of Explore.  With their JioChat Jio KBC Play Along App,  you are sure to log into the app again and again.

JioChat Jio KBC Play Along App Working 

As a true Indian,  we are bound to love the features of the app which let us make free Jio to Jio free calls and messages.  With free messaging and calling services,  it has definitely made people worry less about the hike in the tariff plans of different messaging services.  

JioChat Jio KBC Play Along App JioChat Jio KBC Play Along App



The quality of the Video call and Voice calls can vary on the area you are in.  Nonetheless,  the quality is satisfying to mass users.  The App is made with Indian users in mind, they have given support to all major regional languages, you can download jiochat in your region specific language and have no problem adjusting. 


Jiochat app surely gives VOIP and PSTN calls a tough competition in their respective field.


Jiochat App Walkthrough 

First and foremost,  the first time you log into the app, you have verified your mobile number, with OTP. Once the Phone number is verified,  you are asked to input your name.  The interface of the jiochat app includes default channels like JioCare, Jiochat Channel,  JIo KBC PLAY ALONG and the people who are already using the app. 

Furthermore, the bottom three option of the app includes, Chat, Explore, Channels.  The top bar includes option like Search, Contacts and setting options, which further contain the Following Options

  • Broadcast Messages
  • Invite Friends
  • Scan QR code
  • Sticker Store
  • Voice Assistance
  • Payments. 


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There is a floating button available which contains options for Chat,  Call,  Video Calls.



What makes JioChat Jio KBC Play Along App Different?

The two features that set this chatting application apart from any of its competition is





Explore features of the app lets you be connected with all the happenings around you, through different news channels and their constant stream of breaking news updates,  you can be sure that,  you are never going to lose on any important news in your surrounding. Video stories with the ability to see in full are also available in the app. 

Follow Branded channels features of JioChat, that lets you be connected with your favorite brands, you can have custom offers and different promotional activity updates directly from the app.


Channels makes sure that the brands you love are always in touch with you with their new offers. 

JioChat Jio KBC Play Along App

Jiochat  KBC  Feature and How to Play 

Recently added in Jiochat,  it is an online game where you can play KBC in real-time while the TV  show is being broadcasted. The questions which are asked are shown in the app, with four option to select just like the real version of KBC. There is a time limit for the answering the question and surely it has been before the person who is playing the KBC in real locks his answer. Every time you answer the question correctly, you win certain points. 


Play KBC in real time, with Amitab Bacchan on your phone. 


Moreover,  to Play this game, it is required you download the latest version of the app from the google play store and iOS store, links for those are added in the bottom.  People who are not on Jio network will have to go through the registration process. Inside the app, you will see the channel logo of KBC,   Select language either Hindi or English.  You can see the KBC icon in the first page of the app.

Limitations: The Timer and its Function?

  • Questions 1-5:  maximum time to answer the question is 15s to 30s. 
  • From 5-10: The difficulty of questions increase and timer is increased to 60s
  • Questions 10-15:  There is a time limit of 60 seconds in the app but in the real live game there are known limitations. 



JioChat Jio KBC Play Along App Features

  • The jiochat app lets you create group up to 500 users 
  • It has more than 1000 stickers
  • Emoticons, Clipart or Doodle, Voice messages, Pictures, videos are some of the main features.
  • Messages can be sent one to one or one to many. 
  • The File sharing option is also there which supports (PDF, Doc, Xls, and Mp3)
  • You have the ability to voice calls and Videos calls,  if the situation requires, the option of Conferencing call option is also provided the app.
  • Option to follow brands through chats 
  • News stories from media partners are also available to follow 
  • All Makor Indian languages are covered in the app.


JioChat Jio KBC Play Along App Techs

  • Rated for 3+
  • Version : 3.0.10
  • Updated On: 31-Aug-2017
  • Downloads : 1,00,00,000+  
  • App Size: 25.5 
  • Developer:  Reliance Jio Messaging Services Pvt Ltd

 All things considered,  you can download the Jiochat app from below mentioned Links for iOS and Android and try.  

                                                                                Jiochat Download Android      Jiochat Download iOS    

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