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life hacks app download

When it comes to the smartphone, the app can make your life a bit easier, the new app Life Hacks android app does the same for you by gathering and showing new and effective life hacks.  You can download the life hacks apps from the link in the bottom of the page. Life hacks android app free download is available on the bottom line.


The app is under 10 MB of download,  It is light on the phone and does not cause any heavy processing on your phone. Read more about how to keep our phone fast and cleaned. Android phone cleaner app



Life Hacks Android App Free Download

Life hacks start with a tutorial on the first page,  which tells you about the very basic feature of the app and how to use them.  We will talk about these features below.

Life hacks android app free download working 

The app starts with a tutorials page,  the tutorial page has a card view system which greets you with a welcome page. life hacks cover more than 100 new hacks in a week, under its 10 categories,  this a good number of an update to keep the audience engaged in the app and increase the open time of the app.  The user spends a lot of time in the life hacks android app free download. 

Any hacks can be saved in the favorite just by double tapping the card,  You also have an option to either save them into your gallery or share them with your friends and family.  You can click on the option of three dots in the card view to read more about it in the source.

You also have an option to report life hacks,  to the admin and get them removed.  To submit any life hacks you need to sign in to your google account and submit your own life hacks,  to share with other users of the apps. At the end of the Android, you can click on the “Let’s Go” button to start using this app. 


 Life Hacks Android App Free Download Life Hacks Android App Free Download

Life Hacks android app working  Working 

After downloading the Life Hacks Android App you would notice different categories in the drawer which are mentioned below. 

  • Every day tips
  • Food
  • Funny
  • General
  • health
  • Life Tips
  • Money Savers
  • Relationships
  • Study
  • Technology
  • Tipsy 



Life hacks android app setting

The Setting option is limited to only four option, you have the option to select if you want to receive notification about new life hacks or not,  the second option gives you control over a number of notifications you want to receive i.e Frequency. The last tow option includes setting related to “TEXT SIZE” and “SIGN OUT” option,  which is pretty straightforward and does what it states. 


Final conclusion of this life hacks android app

All these things considered,  Life Hacks Android App Free Download will keep you engaged through its quality and frequency of hacks available,  the design of the app is user-friendly, you have the drawer which contains all the category you want, and can easily switch them.

Furthermore,  you also have a Tipsy category which contains hacks containing with regards to alcohol.  All in all, this is a nice and informative Android app which keeps you interested in its content.  


                                                              Life hack android free app download

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