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Today we are going to talk about,  one of the most popular games among a teen,  which can be played by a group of 4 people at the max.  Ludo King Android App Free Download is 29.3 Mb in size and doesn’t take up lots of memory while playing.   The game is very entertaining and can be played on the low-end android phone also after download.  It is developed by Gamotronix

Ludo King Android App Free Download

After downloading and opening the Ludo king the first thing you would notice is the login interface of the game,  It asks the user to login via facebook profile or plays as a guest.  We continue as a guest user to review the app.

The feature of Ludo King android app free download: 

  • You can choose your country to play with other people through online multiplayer mode
  • You can set your profile picture if you log in through the Facebook profile.  You can call your friends to play the game through Facebook Messenger app 
  • At the start of the game, you are given 10,000 coins 
  • You can play this Ludo king android app with computer in VS mode or with local multiplayer 
  • Online Multiplayer option is also available in this android app. 
  • The fourth option in this Ludo King Android App Free Download is to play with friends present around you.


Ludo King Android App Free Download Ludo King Android App Free Download


Game Play of Ludo King Android app 

While playing against the computer you get an option to choose to players,  you can either choose 2 players or 4 players.  In the local multiplayer option you can choose to play with 2 players,  3 players and 4 Players.  In the online play option,  you again have the option of playing with 2 players or 4 players.  In the Play with friends player mode, you can either join a room or create a room to invite your friends to play online.



After choosing the game mode you are given a Ludo board with a dice at your end, once you tap the dice,  which contains the numbers from 1 to 6.  You have four pieces that you need to get safely into the house of your color.  The four pieces will only open with a 6 showing on the dice. 

There is the possibility of only 4 players at once, with each player having 4 pieces of their own,  each player has to try to get all the possible four pieces into the respecting home color.



After  Ludo King Android App Free Download,  we came across many adds which are irritating and can set your mood to use some other app.  If the frequency of the ads is reduced then this app has to go everything that you can desire in a Ludo game-based app. 

User Review after the Ludo King Android App Free Download:

  • The game sometimes stops in the middle after latest update
  • The Dice seems to not random but following certain pattern, which is not very desirable 
  • The App has too many ads
  • In the computer VS mode, the computer never wins and hardly feels authentic.
  • The Game feels scripted  in the long run 

                           Ludo King Android App Free Download is available through the following download. 

                                                       Download Ludo King – Android Store

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