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Having hundreds of friends online, being able to chat with them, connect with them, staying in touch and share information with them is the need of the hour. All of this is provided by the Facebook Messenger app.


 Instant messaging with Facebook friends

  • Video calls
  • Voice calls
  • Audio sharing
  • Photo sharing
  • Photo editing
  • Stickers, filters
  • Gifs


messenger appMessenger app is an instant messaging platform for the users and their Facebook contacts. The user can login using his mobile number as well as using his Facebook id. The users can send chats, audio clips, videos, photos, gifs and even call their contacts using the Messenger app.


Messenger App features

A notification is sent to the users when a message is received. In the Messenger app, the users can see if their message has been delivered and seen by the contact. The notifications can be turned off, but the user would still be logged in.The Messenger app provides the users an option of sending a message to an individual contact or to a group. Users can use this app even of they do not have a Facebook account by signing up and using phone numbers to add contacts.

Furthermore, during the chat, the users can send each other different stickers, which get updated according to popular holidays and Gifs. When using video call the Messenger app provides an option of using filters to make it a fun experience. When sending images, they can be edited to add text to them. Draw on them as well as use stickers on them as well.

messenger app

Moreover, the app distinguishes the contacts on basis of the frequency of chats between the user and his contacts. Messenger app divides the contacts into categories like ‘favorites’, ‘active now’ and ‘more conversations’. A search bar has also been provided by the Messenger app so that the user has no difficulty in finding a contact which has not been mentioned in the above categories.

Comparatively, security is of primary focus in the Messenger app. The user has an option of setting up a “message request” option for users which are not in the contacts list I.e. unknown people. The app by default blocks as well as filters chats from unknown users, which may seem to be spam.


Features that we love:

  • Instant chat
  • Audio and video sharing
  • Voice and video calling
  • Message request filter
  • Image editing

User Review on Google Play Store

  • People need more privacy features in the app, The other person should not be able to see, when was the last time the user has used the app
  • The load time after the recent update of the messenger app has increased to 10 to 15 seconds
  • Issues with notification bar when a game request is received from a friend
  • Every time the user moves the app to SD card, the messenger update itself
  • People want it to be integrated into the app of Facebook itself rather than a different app altogether
  • The app slows down the phone with less ram and takes too much processor power



As a matter of fact, the Messenger app is an amalgamation of many features into one. It helps exchange information between the users and their Facebook friends as well as messenger contacts in an easy and fun way.


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Size: Varies with device (Android)

Version: 1 84.0 (iOS) 1.1.294 (BlackBerry OS)

Development status:  Active

Operating system: Android, IOS, BlackBerry OS, Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, Symbian, Tizen

Type: Instant messaging

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