POPxo Android App Review Download | Girl’s Guide To life and love. 

If you are an Indian girl, you probably have heard this name. POPxo is originally a website which aims at creating content that Indian women care about. I have been following POPxo page on Facebook since long and I thoroughly enjoy the content that they put up there- be it the stories, the videos, DIYs and what not. Read POPxo Android App Review Download.


Talking about the history of POPxo- it was founded in 2014 by Priyanka Gill who is a British fashion journalist, entrepreneur and angel investor. The aim of the project was to target Indian women and their needs. To achieve so, they have their website popxo, and free POPxo Android and iOS app.

POPxo Android App Review Download


POPxo- The desi girl’s guide to life and love.


When you first open the app- you see a login screen with the only option to log in via Facebook. But if you don’t have a Facebook account, they let you log in via google in the two-step. Once you login you cannot stop your eyes from appreciating what they see. The UI is very colorful but still manage to be subtle. You can’t stop yourself from going through the introductory slides- because the way they have presented it is beautiful. Here are the screens that you would see once you log in.




Once you are done admiring the introductory UI of the app, and knowing what all you can do with the app- you are ready to go use the app.

Apart from its attractive and colorful UI, I also like what all features they allow in the app.

So the content in the app is divided majorly into 5 categories: My Feed, Read, Watch, Shop,  and Hangout. Brief description of all the about categories.


POPxo Android App Features 

My Feed: This section shows everything together- videos posted by POPxo users, questions, polls, memes, blogs, and everything. If you are bored and just want to browse through fun content which also helps you with day to day problems you face, or just like watching light mood videos, or go through some fun polls- POPxo is the place to be in.

Read: Next major category is Read. This section covers blogs by POPxo team and its users. The blogs again can be browse per category. They have a wide range of categories for their blogs which are- Lifestyle, Fashion, Beauty, Wedding, Relationships, Sex, Random, Food, Work. I love how they keep their blogs short in length and put videos and images in the blog nicely. 

POPxo Android App Review Download

The blog section covers many stories that will keep you updated with what’s going on around the world.


Watch: Now this section contains all the videos. Don’t like reading much? Here’s the space you should look out for fun videos. The majority of videos are made by the POPxo video team starring the POPxo team members itself. They do some fun challenges in the videos like shopping under some budget, or playing games with each other etc. The watch space again is having many categories like- Lifestyle, Fashion, Beauty, Wedding, RelationshIps, Random, Food, and Work.


Shop: This is a very interesting space. Here through blogs, they suggest you products or you can directly buy the products that they sell. The products are not any branded clothing or footwear. It contains small things like lip Color, books, food items, etc etc. 


They suggest what product is the best for your skin, hair, or where else will you get the best particular food.


Hangout: My fav section that I liked a lot. The most user engaging section in the app. This section has categories like ‘Ask Me Anything’, ‘Questions’, ‘Polls’, ‘Memes’, ‘Myth or Fact’. Here you can post any questions about anything that you like anonymously. There are Polls created by users and you can participate and see the results. You can play Myth or Fact and see if the things have been a myth or fact.



Final Conclusion POPxo Android App Review Download

If you are not sure about downloading the app, I would definitely suggest you follow their Facebook page. They post the most a unique stuff and unique posts.  All their content- the videos, blogs, memes, stories everything gives an indication of a young team and are very engaging. They have almost 2,683,254 followers. They have various pages on Facebook dedicated to particular things like POPxo beauty, POPxo videos, POPxo Hindi, POPxo fashion, POPxo wedding- all of them have over a million likes and followers.


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If you want all the things at one place- you can easily download the free android POPxo app or the free iOS POPxo app. The company was founded in 2014, and the way they have grown is something to notice. I think the young team in POPxo should be given the credits for the content they put in and definitely,  the unique ideas shows they must be having very creative people doing all the work.


You can download the app from below mentioned Google play store and Ios store link

                                               POPxo Android App Download                      POPxo IOS Store download

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