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Wanna look hot? Yes,  of course, who don’t want to one.  Everyone wants to wear trendy clothes and flaunt around Isn’t?
Shein android app downloads from the bottom of the page.  Especially the teenagers who just love to try a new type of clothing which is new on the market.  Jeans,  shorts,  skirts,  heels,  wedges,  palazzo’s  huh!. So much stuff.



But do you find it difficult to hunt stuff in shops?  There is a great option for this questions.Excited? The SHEIN app this is an online shopping app. This app contains all trendy stuff. I really find this app really amazing comparing it with other shopping apps. This app is very clear and has different categories which make a clear decision for the customer for what exactly they have to look for.


As you download this SHEIN app the first thing that the app asks you to do is :

Shein Android App Download Review

Open account, the app asks you to open your shein account,  with certain info like name,  address,  number  (on which you have to deliver your product) your email id and password (for shein account) and then re enter your password and then your account is ready.

One question that occurs in our mind is what is the need of opening an account?  Well,  it’s very useful.
Firstly our personal details are with the app so we do not have to enter our detail again when we purchase anything in future.

Secondly,  we are so busy in our day to day life that we can’t sit and keep checking new offers and sale on shopping sites,  so as the number is registered with the site the app keeps on giving you the updates via text messages about different  sales and discounts on different apps,  so these are the alert messages. This really helps us and saves our time as the link is also provided in the message.

Thirdly,  when you add anything to your bag and then buy it you do not have to enter your details again as it is already registered before just check and proceed further.


Shein android app download Category 

After opening an account the actual app opens and you see so many different offers, the categories which just fulfill your eyes. You can see different categories like SHOP,  OUTFIT,  EXPLORE.

You can see some more dresses wore by celebrity like Alia Bhatt too, Alia Bhatt Star Life App 

Blouses,  dresses,  T-shirt,  tank tops,  jeans,  jackets,  sweatshirts,  bodysuits,  outwear,  shoes and much more.  Other than this we also get options like a best seller,  sale,  and free trial.  If so many different and amazing options are provided to us who will go out and hunt in boutiques.


What Sets Shein android app download Apart from competitors

Apart from this,  there is a wide range of collection of dresses like eg.  Hemline addiction,  off shoulder maxi dress,   cocktail dresses,  boho dresses,  casual dresses,  basic dresses etc. This is crazy I bet you,  you wouldn’t go shopping except for shein and would go on shopping.

Price issue? Wanna shop according to your budget?,  Don’t worry shein thinks for its customers and provide the really nice option for such question. Like tops under Rs.650,  dresses under  Rs.990 etc and I am sure this is in your budget.


I think price issue is the most important issue faced so if this is solved no one can stop us from shopping.


This policy is being supported by shein. There are certain terms and conditions that are being applied.

  • If the customer feels that the product purchased by them is not correct can apply for return or exchange policy within 30 days
  • The packing of the package must be original.
  • Shein app doesn’t accept the product torn, washed or damaged.
  • The app doesn’t accept the product that is returned and sent back directly without checking us first.
  • They do not accept the packages with cash on delivery service.
  • Return shipping charges are not refundable.
  • The following items are not accepted like body suits, lingerie, sleepwear, swimwear, jewelry, and accessories, bags, Mermaid blankets etc.
  • You must get in touch with the customer service center.
  • Customer representative by sending a ticket in your account indicate which items you would like to return and reason for your return.
  • Place the item in original packing and seal parcel securely.
  • A drop of your package at local post office.
  • Once they receive package we will promptly process an exchange or issue a refund to your account or issue a refund to your account in accordance with their return condition.


Shein android app download, ONLY FOR WOMEN?

This app is only for women. Only women’s apparels are available at this app. Men’s wear will not be found on this app.


Final Shein android app review :

People are loving this app.  Customers have made a request that return policy must be available for cash on delivery products too.  Also,  the shipping charges are too high if this problem would be solved it would be a great thing.  Some of the users also said that it would be awesome that there would be men’s apparels on this app.  If the app fulfills this demand of the customers this app would be a perfect shopping app.  People love the collection.

I would suggest using this app and shop because the collections are just amazing and you can find this app on play store and can download the app from the link given below, or visit Android app download 


                                  Download Shein Android App      Download Shein Ios App

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