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The line zen game download

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The Line Zen Game by Ketchapp is a very simple game made by Trey Smith with buildbox game creation software. It is a sequel to 2014 hit game- The Line, with a new twist!

The Line Zen is not at all very difficult. In fact, the app also is not clobbered with too many features. Talking about The Line Zen on iOS, when you launch the game you get a screen which has a big start button to directly start the game. On top you get 3 options which are to turn the music on/off, connecting to Game Centre, and basic one-liner information about the game with options to remove ads or restore your purchases.


The Line Zen Game Features

Once you start the game all you have to do is save yourself from the red area and red objects. To make it a little easier and to bring the excitement into the game- they have green objects that come in your way as you move ahead in your zig-zag line. These green objects are very interesting- they can be used as shields to protect yourself from red lines or can many times even become a reason for blockage and not letting you move ahead if not handled properly! See? So the lifesaver can also be the reason of your game end.

The Line Zen Game The Line Zen Game


When you start playing this game- it takes some time to settle your hand in and knows how much pressure and flow is needed in your touch to move the object so you are not smashing yourself on the red area present on both the sides. But once you have played this game for say 3-4 days spending 20 min on average every day, it becomes easy to get an idea about it. And if you continue playing this game then for sure you tend to get addicted to this game. This game is very addictive, and you can have a little competition with your friends about highest scorer.


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The Line Zen Game Highlights :

The major highlight of the game is the zig-zag way it provides. It certainly gives you to a feeling of roller coaster ride. The sudden twists and turns in the path are very interesting and maintain the excitement inside the player.

On iPhone, it also provides options for the shape of your object. Every shape has different look and feels while playing in the game. My favorite being the “Life” one.


The application is free for both Android and iOS, but they provide an ad-free version which comes at a very minimal cost. Who would like to have the distraction from ads while they are concentrating and trying to save themselves moving along a line?

The Line Zen Game What’s not-so-good :

  • The game sometimes crashes while you are playing.
  • The stages in the game are repeated. The same stages keep on appearing again and again after you reach a certain score.
  • The game resets your high score randomly and you lose your high score.
  • In spite of these two things, the Line Zen can be downloaded on your phone if you are looking for a game which doesn’t require many brains and is easy going. If I am to rate the game- I will give it a 3.5 star. You can download and try this game from the links below:


The Line Zen Game Specifications:

Size: 28.8 MB on iPhone
Rating: 4+ star on App Store
Updated April 29, 2015
Installs – 5,000,000 – 10,000,000
Current Version – 1.0
Requires Android – 2.3.3 and up
In-app Products  –  ₹ 111.97 per item

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