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Since the craze for Pokemon go has settled a bit,  I am sure users are now waiting for the next crazy augmented reality game.  While going through some of the articles on google about the upcoming interesting games,  I found out about this game ‘ The Walking Dead Our World ’.



When you see their promotional teaser trailer on YouTube,  it takes you by surprise with their interesting ways of how you can kill zombies in the game that are seen around you in the real world through augmented reality.


From the cute pokemons to now dangerous zombies


The Walking Dead Our World soon To Be New Craze?

I am sure this is going to be the next hype among the gamers.  In the video, they show how a young guy and a girl are finding weapons overlaid on real world objects to kill zombies.  The weapons can be found floating around in the real world and there are different types of weapons allowed.  The video also shows how you have to not kill a real person (in the game of course) and instead aim at the zombie.  I can’t wait to see this game becoming a sensation very soon.


The game is by Finland’s Next Game and on their Facebook page they mentioned: “it’s one of a kind”.  They also add that you won’t be fighting the apocalypse alone- but the various characters from AMC will fight by your side.


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Expectations from The Walking Dead Our World

I am expecting,  like how PokemonGo had become a sensation among everyone –  from a kid to a person in his 50s, this game will take over the craze. This game could bring the excitement and freshness. Let’s see if we will get to see malls and places organizing events on “Kill Zombie” theme.



We hope this doesn’t have the side effect of people dying due to carelessness while playing the game like PokenmonGo.  We all can only wait and see what it will get.  Right now though,  they haven’t declared any release date for the game yet.

One thing is for sure- whether you have android or iPhone,  you will be able to play the game.   So there’s that as a good news.  So all the crazy action gamer freaks – get ready to try this new location-based augmented reality game.  I am excited and waiting for it,  can you all?,  Post your comments in the comment section below to tell us about your excitement or expectation.

The Walking Dead Our World Release Date?

The App is not yet launched, not even the launch date is set. Once the game is released,  Appsreviewhub will for sure cover up its reviews for you all. Till then you can see latest new games on Appsreviewhub



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