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whatsapp messenger

With so many apps out there it becomes a little difficult to juggle all of them at once. What if there was a one-stop solution for this problem? And the solution is none other than WhatsApp messenger. This instant messaging app has been accepted widely and is one of the most popular apps of today’s world. Together with the latest updates added to WhatsApp messenger, it has successfully combined many features in this single app.


 WhatsApp messenger features:

  • Instant messaging
  • Photo, video and audio sharing
  • Audio calling
  • Video calling
  • Photo drawing and text adding feature
  • Status updates (image)


whatsapp messengerInitially, WhatsApp messenger started out as an instant messaging app. Now it has become much more than that. WhatsApp primarily focuses on sending text, audio, and video. The user has the option of uploading a profile picture and a status(text). It has a feature of creating groups and of broadcasting messages to a specific list of people. This saves the user time of not having to send a message individually to a large number of people.


WhatsApp Messenger New Features

With the constant updates now available in it, WhatsApp messenger now offers the users many more features. For starters being able to edit the photos by drawing on it. Adding text on it is one feature. WhatsApp messenger also has a feature of making audio and video calls to the contacts on your list.

WhatsApp messenger also provides the user with the option of sending a contact. Exchange of location or a document their contacts is possible. This particularly has helped in speeding up the process of sharing important information among its users. The latest addition to the list of WhatsApp messenger features is a new and revamped “status” option. Previously the users could update their status in text form. Recently WhatsApp has provided the option of adding images with text as a status. It is a fun new way of sharing the day with fellow WhatsApp users.


WhatsApp Messenger Security Features

Furthermore coming to the security features of WhatsApp messenger, and it has enabled end-to-end encryption of data for all its users. This ensures that the data transfer is safe and secure. This means that nobody apart from the sender and receiver will have access to the content of an individual message when using WhatsApp messenger. Recently it has also added another security feature which is the two-step verification. With the help of this, any attempt to verify the user’s phone number on WhatsApp should be accompanied by the six-digit passcode that the user created or set while opting for this feature.

Moreover, the privacy of the users is a primary concern by WhatsApp. It has an option of blocking contacts, choosing who gets to see the ‘last seen’ and ‘profile photo’ of the user. The user can also decide who can be excluded from viewing their ‘status’. An option called ‘Read Receipts’ helps in informing the user if their messages have been viewed by the concerned contact.
Features that we love:

  • Instant messaging
  • Audio, video sharing
  • Audio, video calling


WhatsApp messenger Conclusion

WhatsApp messenger is an app which provides a platform for multiple features, catering to the needs of a variety of users. Thus helping the users in doing all their work on a single app it helps save their time and energy and makes it the go-to app for all. The privacy and security features provided helps in protecting the personal information of its users.

User Review of Whatsapp on Google Play Store

  • Pattern Lock Feature is demanded
  • Lags on low budget smartphone
  • Too long the same UI has been used by Whatsapp which makes it very dull and uninteresting to use after sometime
  • Image clarity is not up to the mark and can be improved
  • People have complained about the new status feature is annoying and unnecessary. People have also been accusing Whatsapp of copying the feature from Snapchat
  • Too frequent updates, which is annoying to some users
  • People demanding features like using flash in the video calling for better view
  • Features like stickers can be improved


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Version: iOS: 2.17.7 | Android: 2.17.79

Windows Phone 8, Windows 10 Mobile: 2.17.88

Development status: Active

Operating system: Cross-platform

Available in  Multilingual

Type: Instant messaging and social media

License: Freeware, proprietaryWeb

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