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Adobe Photoshop Express easy photo editor app Download

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Photos and Adobe are having their relations from way back since the computer was being used to edit photos.  Now also Adobe is the only company one will trust for editing their photos.  Photoshop is the best software if you want to work on any type of photo editing, and is always said to be the best friend of a photographer.

Although if you need to get some quick touch up to the pictures while you are on a road trip or clicked some pictures which you are in a restaurant,  and need to upload on social sites for a quick update,  then the Adobe Photoshop Express which is the most stripped down version of Photoshop available as of now.  This version is available for every kind of mobile platforms. There are other Pixlr fast photo editor app

easy photo editor app


The Adobe Photoshop express works on any mobile running Android 4.0.3 and above.  The app will demand some normal permissions such as Storage access, Network access, and your Gmail account information.  The app is quite small at just 22 MB and is handy when you need to download it on the go.


Features making the Adobe Photo Express easy photo editor app

With the Photoshop express, we have over 22 filters which are present in the application which we can adjust the intensity which is a feature available only with the Photo Express.  None of the other apps have this feature.  Here you will even get options of selective focus and tilt-shift which will even make your images look quite well.  If you are looking for easy photo editor app camera  for selfies then you can check out  Good Camera App For Selfies 


easy photo editor app


Things are not yet over, and there is a huge set of adjustments available which you can either leave over to the app to decide how much percentage of particular adjustment to use or you can even set the amount manually. In adjustment panel, you even get Shadows,  Highlights,  Clarity,  and Vibrance which is enough to edit any picture with good amount of dedication


The easy photo editor app also gets tools to crop, straighten, and reshape the picture with respect to different aspect ratios.


There is also an autocorrect button in the shape of a magic wand, but it is not reliable and vary from photo to photo.  Some time it overexposes the picture while in some it does a decent job.  We would have even liked if we got the option to use the dodge, burn, and the blemish correction tool from the original Photoshop.  black and white photographs are best clicked with Hypocam,  so do go through its review.


Adobe Photoshop Express easy photo editor app walkthrough

Adobe is famous for making quite simplistic UI for each of its software,  and even if you use any software from Adobe for an Android phone,  you will not able to differentiate between those till you look on the features available.  In this easy photo editor app,  you will get some tips and tricks slides when you open the application for the first time,  and you will even be asked to sign into the adobe id, you can even skip it if you want.  You can either shoot a picture to edit or can take it from the gallery of the phone.  There are other apps also which are competing for best photo editing app category. 

This Photoshop is made for Android and we get a number of applications on Android,  Photoshop does support sharing to all the applications possible.  You can sync the photos with Revel or even share the photos to Instagram,  Whatsapp, Facebook,  and other applications with just one click.

Conclusion of Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe easy photo editor app had been the best when it comes to photo editing. We must not forget that the tool is available for free at-least for Android.  Although there are features in Snapseed beautiful photo editor app and other apps which have more controls like the presets.  And other gimmicky features, but the Photo Express have the right tools that one can find from an industry leading software maker.

Have you used the Adobe Photo Express? If yes do let us know in the comment section below.