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Alia Bhatt Star Life
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We all know how obsessed we all are with Bollywood. Alia Bhatt Star Life app is a newly launched game to give you the experience of being an A-List star. Your journey to becoming a star would begin from a scratch before you reach to A-List star in Bollywood. Your character will be exposed to a lot of Fashion, Jewellery, and Fame.

Alia Bhatt Star LifeFeature of Alia Bhatt Star Life App


  • Alia Bhatt will be your best friend for guiding through different stages of games
  • You would start in different shows, Adds, and Movies leading to a blockbuster.
  • In the game, Alia Bhatt will teach you Acting | Dancing |Singing.
  • Go to parties and famous restaurants
  • Wear Fashionable Clothes and also unlock new exclusive style later in the game
  • Hire manager to handle all your press coverage

Alia Bhatt Star Life is developed by Moonfrog Labs Pvt. Ltd.  Before the game begins you can choose between a male character or a female character. The game is available in Hindi too. In the beginning, you are surprisingly discovered by the Alia herself who then take you on the journey of stardom. You will have to get social and talk and engage with influencers and lower level famous personalities. Going to pubs and wearing different designer clothes helps you increase your social profile to get more and more fans.

In the start of the game, you are given enough money, money also comes through the game through different ways. The app is for free and surprising there are no ads. Although in-app purchases are there to choose different options like dresses and jewelry. The Alia Bhatt Star Life game is missing actions scenes for most different activities that the character does in the game, but this is overcome by art direction done in the game.

Alia Bhatt Star Life

User Review on Google Play Store

  • People need more customization option
  • Lack of Task assigned in the game
  • People love the Gameplay of the app and the task are also amazing at the start of the game
  • People need wardrobe improvement with each new level
  • At the later stage of the game, the game fails to keep the audience engaged.
  • Features like energy refill and  other options can be improved for rich game feel
  • After level 6, there is no much interaction with  the Alia Bhatt character


Alia Bhatt Star Life Conclusion

If you are Bollywood fan and want to see how a Start life would feel like, this game is for you. From Different Art of dresses and jewelry, this game has a lot to offer and keep you occupied. Have Alia throughout the Journey will make sure you are never lost or bored. Jump into this game to enjoy with Alia.

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Date: 21-03-2017


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