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With Android apps consuming a whole lot of storage space on your phone you need the best Junk Cleaner app, encountering with software glitches have become quite common. After using for a long time, it tends to store caches and residue files that hinder the performance of your device. Comes in applications like junk cleaner and phone booster that clears everything up and offer you with the user experience you never thought you will be able to enjoy again.


Best Junk Cleaner app helps in cleaning redundant junk data can make your device run faster.  Android cleaner apps help you find unnecessary files and delete them. Applications like duplicate photo cleaner, game booster, battery saver and CPU cooler clean up your RAM and get you more out of your phone.


A cleaning app takes care of hidden processes running in the background by releasing free spaces within seconds. Optimization reduces system overload leading to faster and smoother performance of your device junk cleaner. Therefore, the trick is to find the best app from the play store that actually lives up to its description.


Clean Your Android Device With Falcon Mobi Cleaner

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Falcon Mobi Cleaner is an all-in-one cleaner, optimization, and maintenance best Junk Cleaner app for your android smartphone. If you have been using a different app manager, phone booster, duplicate photo cleaner and a security app for different purposes, this app should definitely be your ideal replacement.


Falcon Mobi Cleaner offers the best user interface and is quite easy-to-use.  It detects every bit of junk that is of no use and deletes them to free up space.  It detects duplicate pictures and asks you to delete them without you having to go through each of them manually.

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As a bonus, it will optimize your device to extend its battery life. You also get the option of a one-tap boost to make things easier to manage and keep your device running faster with better consistency than before.


While your game booster will speed up your gaming experience, features like CPU cooler will detect your device‚Äôs cause of overheating, kill background apps and let your device run smoothly with the help of this best Junk Cleaner app. The battery saver module displays the accurate status of your battery in real time and takes care of everything possible to improve the battery life on your Android Phone.


Here is a quick review of the key features of Falcon Mobi Cleaner which makes it Best Junk Cleaner app

Junk Cleaner

Best Junk Cleaner app

This feature makes the application the best android cleaner available on the play store. Unlike other File Manager App It is a one-tap cleanup feature that will scan and remove all junk files, app caches, system caches, temp files, APK files and empty folders from your device. With a brilliant user interface that allows you to seamlessly uninstall applications they do not use anymore, the app speeds up your device by removing unnecessary memory cluttering. This best Junk Cleaner app feature will also let you select large unwanted files and clean them up instantly. It is the perfect optimization module for your android phone.


Phone Booster

Best Junk Cleaner app

This feature will smartly let you optimize and accelerate your phone. It is a one-tap booster that can work wonders with your CPU performance, boost battery life, release RAM and increase your gaming potentiality, all in one go. It is a complete performance optimization speed booster which also allows you to customize settings according to your preference. Furthermore, this Best Junk Cleaner app disables active background processes slowing down your device and save more battery life in the process. This prevents your device from overheating. Removing junk files releases RAM memory and will boost your gaming speed by up to 50-60%. You get a smoother and finer experience like never before.


Battery Saver

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This feature controls various applications and parameters that could be draining out your battery. It will identify and suggest tweaks to improve your battery life. Battery saver will turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Vibration, Brightness and GPS etc. to reduce CPU usage. The section will also provide information about your battery life and list out all the apps draining your battery. It monitors the cause of overheating and provide solutions to offer you an enhanced phone performance. Choosing between default and battery saver mode becomes easier with its intuitive user interface. A phone cooler feature is added for hardware protection.


Duplicate Photo Cleaner

Best Junk Cleaner app

This special feature of the application uses the fast algorithm to find duplicate and similar looking images and offer options to delete them so that you do not have to do it manually. It auto identifies blurry shots and poor quality images as unwanted photos. You can review results in categories, remove the unwanted files and recover much disk space. It also displays detailed information so that sorting and removing becomes easier. You will be able to customize the sorting process by setting the degree of duplicity for accuracy. It also offers the option to identify if an image is modified or original.


Game Booster

Best Junk Cleaner app

This feature optimizes CPU and RAM for maximum gaming performance. It detects high power consuming apps running on the background and automatically removes them to avoid game lag while playing. Killing such processes let you enjoy a better gaming experience along with preventing the CPU from overheating. You get an increased speed of up to 50-60% that unleashes the full potential of your Android smartphone. For multiplayer games, the booster blocks unnecessary background network tasks to allow maximum network speed. It will place your game on high priority so that you experience better performance durability without any glitches.


CPU cooler

Best Junk Cleaner app

High temperatures can cause your device to respond slowly. Prolonged overheating shortens the lifespan of your battery and accelerate the aging process. This feature is designed to monitor the temperature of your phone. It will detect high RAM consuming applications and disable them. It functions to maintain optimum performance by monitoring your device in real time. With the smart cooling algorithm, you need not worry about the associated overheating problems that are true to any Android smartphone. One-tap reduction in CPU usage can increase device speed during multitasking without heating it up.


Getting Falcon Mobi Cleaner – Best Junk Cleaner app

  •         Open the Google Play Store app on your Android device.
  •         On the search bar, type Falcon Mobi Cleaner and download the latest version of the app.
  •         Install the cleaner on your device.
  •         Tap on the Falcon Mobi Cleaner icon. It resembles a Falcon behind a protective shield.
  •         Open the application to launch it on your device.

While junk cleaner will remove all your junk files instantly, phone booster will auto stop heavy background tasks, battery saver will turn off high power consuming applications, duplicate photo cleaner will delete similar looking photos, CPU cooler will manage to overheat and extend battery life and game booster will release RAM memory to speed up your gaming experience.

  •         This should fix most problems you experience with your Android device.

Falcon Mobi Cleaner is the most convenient android cleaner for your smartphone. Its user- friendly interface along with intelligent algorithms help you get the most out of your device in real time. The one-tap feature is the highlight of the app that keeps your phone running as good as new.