Microsoft Clarity Review – Free Heatmaps & Analytics Tool

Microsoft Clarity Review Guide

Running a successful website requires a lot of planning, optimization, and monitoring. Right from Keyword analysis, SEO optimization, back-links analysis, and other website error, user behavior analysis is also part of the process. In this review post, we will discuss the benefits and features of using one such free heatmap tool called Clarity by Microsoft. … Read more

7 Ways For Cart Abandonment Optimisation On Your WooCommerce store

Cart Abandonment Optimisation

Being a part of the online shopping business, you must have heard a variety of fancy terms, right?  Amidst all, WooCommerce Cart Abandonment or Cart Abandonment Optimisation are such terms that are used often but are understood very less.  In simple words, shopping cart abandonment is when a potential lead begins the checkout process for an … Read more

15 Must-Have Conversion Rate Optimization Tools

conversion rate optimization tools

The online world today is a place full of competition; it is a big challenge to grab the attention of people nowadays. Ergo, it has become a tough ask to increase conversion by just relying on SEO and basic marketing efforts. Therefore, we have conversion rate optimization tools. You probably have read many books and … Read more

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