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Are you in need of File Manager App, Is your phone low on Storage? Is it filled with Images, Videos, and Audios? Do you want to transfer them to SD Card to free up some Storage? 

Now easily and efficiently transfer your images, videos, and audios to SD Card and vice-versa with MoveIt.

File Manager AppMoveIt is the ultimate app to transfer Images, in videos and audios altogether to SD card and from SD Card to internal storage. MoveIt also has a cleaner that helps to clean your phone’s junk to boost speed and increase storage. It also has a Media Scanner which helps to find the hidden media on your phone.

MoveIt – File Manager App Features

  • Transfer Medias to SD Card- Transfer your images, videos and audios altogether to SD Card easily and efficiently.
  • Transfer Medias to Internal Storage- Transfer your Images, videos and audios altogether to Internal Storage easily and efficiently.
  • Auto Transfer- Transfer medias to SD Card automatically without opening the app.
  • Cleaner- With MoveIt’s inbuilt cleaner you can easily clean your unnecessary and unwanted junk which will help increase your internal memory.
  • Media Scanner- MoveIt’s Media scanner helps you to find all the hidden media in your phone.
  • Delete- You can also easily and efficiently delete your media using MoveIt.
  • Multi-select- Transfer any number of Images, Videos and Audios together to SD Card and vice-versa.
  • File Manager AppMedia Manager- MoveIt is your ultimate Media manager which lets you view, delete and transfer your media.
  • Search- Find your Images, Videos, and Audios easily by their Name or the Name of the Folder in which they are present.
  • Media player- MoveIt also lets you view your images and play videos or audios while selecting them.
  • New Folder- Create New Folder easily while selecting your path.
  • Transfer Large media’s- MoveIt can transfer any amount of media to SD Card and vice-versa.
  • Sorted Media- All you Images, Videos, and Audios are sorted date wise so that you can easily locate your Media without much effort.File Manager App

MoveIt – File Manager App Conclusion

What makes MoveIt different from its competitors is the ease and the efficiency with which it transfer’s your media.  

  • All the media are sorted out date wise.
  • Large files also can be transferred from Internal storage to SD Card and vice versa.
  • All this in an app which is less than 5 MB.

Finally, if your phone is always low on storage MoveIt is a must have an app to free up some storage.
The app can be downloaded from the Play Store for free using this


    User Review of MoveIt File Manager App

  • Option to Auto transfer everything 
  • Auto Cleaning Option for any unused item.
  • The size this File Manager App is less than 5 MB.
  • Great Feature to find and locate the hidden Media on Phone. 
  • File sorting features as per user requirement are great to have.
  • The option of Playing Media (Video or Audio) within the app before deleting is unique and not many other similar apps have it.

                                                         You can download the app from below mention link


Version: 0706r
Requires:  5.0 and UP
Size: 5 MB
Installs: 50,000,000 – 100,000,000
Updated: June 7 2017
License: Free 

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