Fitness training plan app – 7 Minute Workout Review | Download

fitness training plan app  – 7 Minute Workout Review Download

7 Minute workout plan download

Everyone wants to be fit, but as the time resists people are not able to go to the gym or just take an early morning walk and some normal Yoga to be in a right shape. However, most of the time it is not enough, and you might want to get some more guidance to get into the right shape.

Even if you are going to gym you might need some assistance, because the trainer at the gym is usually busy with other people there, and you might need to get some more exercise to get fit, instead of the one told by the trainer.

If the app is used together with Runtastic a running and fitness tracker you can expect greater result within, very short amount of time. 


What makes this fitness training plan app Different?

The 7 Minute Workout Training Challenge is the app which you need and will help you to stay in a better shape. This app gives you all the exercises you must do, and it guides you with an animation which will help you get the way to do the exercise.

fitness training plan app fitness training plan app

The application is quite easy to use and is just like a game if you remember in any game you get around 3 lifelines and once those are over your head over to the very first level and start playing again. Here is also the same case, and you might need to exercise daily in order to keep your growth going up, and if by chance you miss three workouts in a month, then you will have to start from the day 1.



Why is Seven – 7 Minute Workout Training Challenge a must have?

The 7 Minute workout challenges will not require you the same heavy equipment, for those you might be going to the gym. But with Seven you will be able to do some casual workout at home, where you can burn out some fat within 7 minutes.  The only thing you will require during your workout with the Seven will be a chair, a wall, and your own body which is kind of the most important thing.

The Seven app is made by expert gym trainers and used their knowledge to throw the body into the extreme exercises which will help the body lose fat and get fit with the maximum pace. The application not only allows you to do exercise daily but will also motivate you; with each successful exercise, you will get some points which will help you to upgrade from Novice to Athlete. It will even remind if you if ever you forgot to exercise any day.

With the Seven apps, you can easily track your progress in a graphical manner which is the best way to track anything. The app doesn’t require any type of internet access hence you will be able to work out anywhere, the app will even play music while you workout, while if you are someone who changes the device once in a month or so, then they have covered you with the GDrive sync feature.


 fitness training plan app

7 Minute Fitness Challenge training plan app Walkthrough

When you will open the app, there will be no sign in or any other gimmicky feature, but you will get a stopwatch labeled Start Workout, beneath which it will be Workout type, and the circuits you want to select. There is the even different type of voice available which you can customize to get the voice of your choice.

In the settings option, you will be able to specify the interval you want after each and every exercise, and even you can add your body details such as your height, weight etc. There will also be an Instructor Gender option, where you can select a voice of a female, who will motivate you to do the right workout. You can check out the competitor app for fitness weight loss app  30 Days Fitness challenge. 



Final conclusion of this fitness training plan app

The app is quite easy to use, and you must use it if you are falling short of time in the gym, so do a short workout whenever you get some time. Have you used the app? If yes do let us know in the comment section below