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Freeletics Bodyweight Gym Exercise App Download 

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Personal trainers are costly, and if you need someone who is really good then you would have to invest more than 100$, but what if you get the same training via your smartphone. There are many different Gym Exercise Routine App on the play store where you can easily get such training, but having a trainer and having a good trainer, there is a difference between them, hence today we will be talking about one such app known as Freeletics Bodyweight.


Download Gym Exercise Routine App Download Gym Exercise Routine App


Freeletics Bodyweight is developed by a developer known as Freeletics and is having a 4&1/2 star rating on the Play store with over 100,000 Users reviewed the app. As the name of the app suggest the app is meant for using the body weight to build the body and loose the fat inside the body.


Using body weight to build the body is a really old technique and is quite proven too. Although with this technique it takes time, slowly and steadily we get to see the difference.


Freeletics Bodyweight Gym Exercise Routine App Features

One of the main feature of the app we mentioned above which is the app doesn’t require us to use any equipment; it will simply use your body weight to build muscles. The Gym Exercise Routine App comes with preloaded tutorial videos which will help you keep the posture in the right way.  


Review Gym Exercise Routine App Gym Exercise Routine App

The Freeletics Bodyweight app works in three modes Lose weight, build muscle, or get in better shape mode. The app that comes closest to features and effectiveness  is Fitness training plan app 7 minutes workout

The Freeletics Bodyweight app helps you to get slim and toned with muscles easily with giving you different exercises to do daily. But no Gym Exercise Routine App can get you to motivate for being slim, for being fit, for being toned up, the apps can just help you get reminded and help you to learn the things which you cannot without a personal trainer, or even without joining the gym.


More Apps from Freeletics Developers 

There are even three other apps from Freeletics which are termed as Freeletics Gym, Freeletics Running, Freeletics Nutrition. All the three Gym Exercise Routine App do what they are supposed to, the Freeletics gym help you to get trained with the gym equipment, while the running one helps you to get ready for a marathon, while the Nutrition helps you get the right amount of proteins and vitamins that you might need.

You should also check out Indian calorie calculator app which helps in counting calorie among Indian food. Out of the 4 apps, the Freeletics Bodyweight is the editor’s choice on the Google Play Store.



Walk Through of Freeletics Bodyweight Gym Exercise Routine App

When you will open the app you will get option either to login or to signup, i.e. eventually you will have to get an account to start your exercises. There will be an option to register via Facebook or via Google; alternatively, you can even register via your email ID.

There will be 5 tabs, where the 1st Tab will be the field; the 2nd will be the training one which you will be using the most. In this Gym Exercise Routine App there is also be a coach tab where you can get your personal coach at just 56 INR a week which will be around 0.99$ a week, still will be cost-effective than a traditional personal trainer. The 4th tab will be the profile tab and last will be for the notifications.



Talking about the tab where most of the time you will spend the Training tab, you will get 4 options, Workouts which will include your full 1 Hour of workout schedule, then will come exercises which will include separate exercises which you can do separately, there will even be running and training spots which are quite self-explanatory by name. 


Freeletics Bodyweight Gym Exercise Routine App Conclusion

The results through this Gym Exercise Routine App has been great for many users, The app performed even great after users used it in with combination with other Fitness Weight Loss Apps

Have you used the Freeletics Bodyweight app? If yes then do let us know what do you feel about the app in the comment section below.