Most downloaded Apps during COVID-19

Ever Since the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic has started and people are isolated in their homes, their usage of the internet has increased……

Here is the list of apps that got downloaded the most during COVID-19 Quarantine

Most Downloaded App During COVID-19 / Coronavirus


Most downloaded Apps during COVID-19
Source – Statista


Most downloaded Apps during COVID-19
Source – Statista

It is clear from the charts above that networking apps have increased in the number of downloads as the number of people working from home increased.

Here is quick description of apps downloaded during COVID-19

What are these apps that people used during quarantine?

Plato – A social networking app used to chat with your friends and meeting new people. There are chatrooms available and you can also play games with your buddies. Guess, people were really bored and made the best out apps during COVID-19 / Coronavirus lockdown.

Zoom Cloud Meeting – This networking app has helped working professionals get connected with their team and continue working from quarantine. It has all the functionality like HD calling, instant messaging and document sharing functionality.

Houseparty – This is an entertainment app during quarantine because of COVID-19. Much like a normal house party, you can play games with your friends and family. Get connected or meet your friends and friends. The face to face video quality good enough.

Tiktok – Most probably this doesn’t require any introduction but still for people who live under the rock, It is a short video posting app where you can do voice-overs and act. prior to COVID-19 TIKTOK was already famous but the quarantine has really made people creative with their TIKTOK on their mobile phone.

Skype – gives you all the functionality that you will ever require for working from home using apps during the quarantine. HD face calls, SMS, instant messaging and much more are available on Skype for successfully working from using apps.

Discord – It is a communication app used to chat with custom servers, voice channels and share your day to day activities. People can share their screen or play games during their lockdown period.

Park Master – The most common thing people are missing in their quarantine period is parking their cars (Sarcasm) hence park master has been upon the number of downloads and is the most downloaded apps during COVID-19

Whatsapp – Most probably doesn’t need an introduction. We are sure 🙂

UNO – What better than playing your favorite childhood game. You can connect with anyone in the world or play multiple players to have your childhood back during COVID-19 lock-down.

Brain Out – Free tricky puzzles and riddles. It evaluates your thinking process and gives you much need brain work out during this quarantine period.

Fast Scan – Free document scanning app for quickly getting your documents in digital forms and sending them over through email. Much needed app during COVID-19 lock-down.

Google Drive – it doesn’t need any introduction again. Create Google Sheets, Word documents and much more. This is easily among the most downloaded apps during COVID-19 or Coronavirus

WPS Office – This is all in once a mobile office suite. Edit your PDF, Word file and excel sheets easily for working from home that too through your mobile phone. You can store these files in the cloud and share them with anyone you want through sharing capabilities.

Samsung Notes – Ability to create notes using texts, images, and voice notes pretty much does it. You need any other app for creating and saving quick notes. You can share all these with people in an office or colleague.

We will increase or add new apps as trends continue. Till the time here is the list of meditation apps that you can use to keep your mind calm during this quarantine phase.

By Balli Pandey

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