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Top 4 Optometry EHR Softwares for small practices

An optometry practitioner knows that a good optometry EHR software can give the necessary freedom to focus on patients. With more time to spend on looking after patients, the quality of care given to patients increase exponentially which later results in more patients.

Without a proper EHR and practice management system in place, the scheduling of appointments can get pretty messy and Practitioners start seeing more patients than they can handle in a given amount of time. It often leads to exhaustion among practitioners and low quality of care follows.

Impact of electronic health records & Practice Management System

  • Easy scheduling of patients and followup
  • Practice Machine integration with EHR for less paperwork
  • Data security and availability of patients records
  • Appointments tracking using EHR systems
  • Record of patient history for future medical use
  • Track performance of staff
  • Better communication within staff and doctors

WIth keeping automation in mind here are the top 4 Optometry EHR software.

Best optometry EHR Softwares

Revolution EHR

Revolution EHR is a cloud-based Optometry EHR software 2015 ONC-ACB certified. It removes the dependency on hardware and lets you focus on treating your patients. Being on the cloud gives you the freedom to work from anywhere be it mobile devices or desktops. With the support care team based in the US, they are very easy to reach.

revolutionEHR Optometry EHR

Revolution EHR gives functionality to connect directly with refractive and imaging devices for data input. All the patient data is directly entered into the system without human interactions. This EHR system also focuses on the patient engagement program. You can send emails and text messages directly to your patients.

Some of the main features of Revolution EHR

  • Machine integration directly to EHR ( refractive and imaging devices )
  • Patient engagement ability (Text and Email functionality)
  • Ability to store and compare multiple images for diagnosing and monitoring.
  • Order management – gives orders directly to product suppliers
  • Secure Email among team
  • Revolution EHR app

Revolution EHR is a 360 complete software for practice management. It comes with ePrescribing.

For a complete list of features please visit here

Revolution EHR pricing

The pricing is on a monthly subscription bases.

1st Doctor – $385

2nd Doctor – $275

3rd Doctor – $165

Each additional doctor – $110

Apart from the above they also charge $1995 one time setup fee

Eyefinity EHR

Eyefinity gives cloud-based practice management software that can integrate with Eyefinity EHR. Just like revolution EHR the dependency of practice on hardware reduces significantly. It is the only VPS (Vision Service Plan) integration in the market.

Eyefinity EHR

Using Eyefinity EHR you can view and study the images from any diagnostic equipment available in the practice. It helps in identifying all the stages of patients’ exams for billing purposes. Some of the best features are following –

  • Ability to use your mobile devices and not being stuck at computer screens.
  • Patients history to study and prepare for further treatment
  • Communicate with other practitioners using EHR communication capability
  • Ability to generate custom reports and study them on the dashboard of EHR
  • Connect all the diagnostic equipment for images.

Combining the Eyefinity EHR with their optical practice management can give more automation. You can use any device from any location to check the schedule for the days. They also give a free website and online scheduling options for patients. They provide HIPAA-compliant cloud storage facility.

Eyefinity, unfortunately, doesn’t give pricing details on its website.

liquid EHR

Liquid EHR is a certified ONC-ACB EHR software. It is designed in such a way that you can integrate it with your practice management system in practice. It comes with all the features like no dedicated hardware requirement, ability to communicate with patients over emails and texts on phones.

Liquid EHR features

  • Ability to file insurance using practice management software.
  • Increase efficiency in billing for avoiding any errors
  • Appointment scheduling and for patients
  • Patient history
  • Productivity dashboards for understanding performance
  • Integration of practice equipment directly to practice management software
  • built-in eye charts

It also gives options to save patient history where you can include past reports about health. It becomes useful when the patient comes again for a checkup and you don’t have to look up the information in your paper-based file system.

liquid EHR pricing

In-Office – $199 / per month

Cloud – $299/ per month Include 5 users at a time

Both the plans include unlimited support over the email and phone

Maximeyes EHR

optometry EHR software

Maximeyes is a combination of both practice management and optometry EHR. The software gives total functionality to access your data from every platform like on mobile, desktop or web browser. The optometry software simplifies the life of practitioners and lets them focus on the patient more.

Functionality to implement custom exam forms so that they can be easily incorporated into your workflows and custom diagnostic reports are available in the software. The interface is quick and well built for a quick overview. Some of the best features are following

Maximeyes EHR features

  • Customize reports for workflow
  • Patient data availability
  • Scheduling options for appointment
  • See all the upcoming appointments in one go
  • Accessible in chrome and cloud

The optometry EHR software also provides maintenance of billing and insurance through its options.

Maximeyes Pricing

Pricing is not available on the Maximeyes website. 🙁

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