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Pixlr Quick Photo Editor App Android iOS Download 

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There are some quick photo editor apps available for Android and iOS,  but there are some photo editors who are trusted from long,  and one will recommend straightaway without thinking twice.  One of which is Pixlr Editor,  which has earned its place to the top 10 Photo editors for Android device in the past years.

Today we are going to talk about the Pixlr Editor in detail and let you know why the editor is in the Top-10 list from quite long,  and if it is worth to be there in the place.

Pixlr Quick Photo Editor App Pixlr Quick Photo Editor App


The Pixlr Photo Editor is a free quick photo editor app,  which is developed by 123RF,  and we get an update once in a month,  which is quite nice for a photo editor.  Pixlr editor is a one-stop space for all your photo editing needs. If you are looking for camera app for selfies then you can check out  Good Camera App For Selfies

Pixlr Photo Editor your one stop photo editing workplace

When you are traveling or out without your laptop you might need to post some pictures urgently,  and for that urgency,  you have your smartphone with you,  and you must treat your smartphone as a backup for your photo editing needs.

The Pixlr editor not only provides you with different options to edit your pictures but will also fulfill your needs for posting the images to Social Media. Another option we came across as beautiful photo editor app was Snapseed.


The app also helps in posting the pictures that you edit on your social media accounts


When you want to post some pictures to Social Media,   it is not necessarily important that you just edit the pictures and post them, many times you require making a collage,  and you are expected to add some caption to the picture overlaying it.


Pixlr Quick Photo Editor App Pixlr Quick Photo Editor App


These type of things mostly require more than one application if you want to do it via the phone,  but with Pixlr the free photo editor you will no longer need different applications.  Instead,  you will be able to complete all the task here at the Pixlr – Free Photo Editor app only.

With all the features combined Pixlr – Free Photo Editor App complements all the need for any photo editing,  be it cropping the image and making it into a collage or writing something over the picture for social media posting. If you are merely looking for some black and white photographs apps you should check out Hypocam

UI & UX of – Pixlr Free Quick Photo Editor App

The application is quite small at just 18.5 MB,  which is handy for downloading at 3G speeds or 4G speeds or even on a regular 2MBPS WiFi which is a plus factor for the application.  When you open the app,  you get a Software License Agreement which you have to agree to use the application further.



Once you are on the home page of the application you get multiple options to get the image to be edited on which include,  camera,  photos,  and collage,  in the camera you can click a picture and edit straightaway, with photos you can browse the gallery, while with collage you will get the same gallery option, but here you will be able to select more than one image.


What makes Pixlr a quick photo editor app?

There is also a Pixlr Engage button at the bottom,  which you can swipe up or click on to get some exciting competitions.  In the settings option,  you will get the sign in option and default save size,  folders and other different options to customize your workflow. In its competition best photo editing app we have Picsart 

Once you open the image to edit,  you have tools to crop,  rotate,  adjust the different area of the pictures such as exposure,  temperature,  contrast,  etc. of the picture.  You can even use the double exposure option.  There are even options to add up frames,  layers,  and texts which can help you to enhance the picture in various ways.

If you know what exactly you are doing with Pixlr quick photo editor app – Free Photo Editor then you can get some great images on the go. Do let us know if you have used the editor earlier also in the comment section below