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Fitness is on perk right now, because each and every person need to get fit for their loved one, with more and more junk food, and many jobs coming which involves just sitting in front of the PC and working, people are becoming fat, and in order to control it the best exercise is to jog daily.


But if one doesn’t have a nice tracker then eventually his/her interest might get over because he is not able to see his/her progress which will motivate them to run more and more. For this sole purpose, we are reviewing one of the best Running & Fitness Tracker App “RUNTASTIC


Modern Day Life Can Make Anyone Unhealthy, Make Use of Technology To Stay Ahead


There are plenty of different apps which involve tracking in an easy way, but getting tracked is only not important, there are a number of different factors involved in it. Like you will be using your smartphone to track the distance you ran or jogged, but you also have to use the same cell for the rest of the day, which means you need to have an application which will take up less juice and do your work.

One of the similar well-calibrated applications is Runtastic Running & Fitness Tracker. The app works best when used in collaboration with other top Fitness Weight Loss Apps

Running & Fitness Tracker App


The Runtastic Running & Fitness Tracker is the application we will be choosing from the huge list of trackers available on the play store or even the iOS store. Let us talk about the features of the application so that we can differentiate it with others in terms of the perks which the app have.

Perks of the Runtastic Running & Fitness Tracker App

You might be having some of your friends at your office or college who also runs daily, then the Runtastic app helps you to track each person’s running time and distance and displays a leaderboard daily, here you all can have a nice competition which will again encourage you to get ahead of others.

Do you need an app for your smartwatch, then Runtastic is the app, you can simply wear the watch and head to the park for a job while leaving your workplace i.e. the phone at home.


Running a mile in day, will helps your heart stay strong for old age


Shoes are the most important thing one needs when he is running daily, and there is a life of each and every shoe, the app will also keep a watch on it, and will warn you when there are chances that your shoes might get damaged and you have to get home without them.

Running & Fitness Tracker App Running & Fitness Tracker App


Have you seen players playing well when they get cheered by their loved one? Same can be the case with you, with the live tracking feature you can receive cheers from your friends and family members while you are running, which will again motivate you to run longer and faster resulting in much better results.

UI & UX of Runtastic Running & Fitness Tracker

When you open the app you will be greeted with some of the highlight features of the app and then you will get an option to sign in via Google, Facebook or via normal email, you will have to permit the contact details to the app in order to work with the Google Sign in option.

Once you are logged in you will head to the profile page where you can set the weight, height, birthdates and more. You will be prompted to give GPS access to the application so the app can track your location.



More Features of this Running & Fitness Tracker App

On the home page you will get the distance, calories, average pace, and a map of your area you are in once you give the location access. You can even play music via the app while running, hence you will not require switching between the apps which are kind of nice for the application.

You can even connect a heart rate monitor from the Activity setup menu which is a nice option. There is an option to set routes you jog on and many different things which you must dig into.

Have you tried the Runtastic Running & Fitness Tracker app? If yes do let us know in the comment section below.


Runtastic Running and Fitness Tracker App Specs

Updated – August 30, 2017
Size – Varies with device
Installs  – 10,000,000 – 50,000,000
Current Version – Varies with device
Requires Android
Varies with device

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