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Behind every successful team, communication plays an important role. In the first place developed my Slack Technologies Inc. Slack App makes the exchange of information between team members simple and fast. With this in mind the introduction of slack in corporate world communication. Companies have achieved a higher rate of collaboration between team members.


Slack App Features:

Slack App downloadBesides being present on multiple devices, the Slack app ensures that you do not lose work whether you are at your desk as well as on the go with your phone. Furthermore, Slack comes with audio and video calling support similarly customizable notification features ensuring the peace of mind. After going through the learning curve of the Slack app. Correspondingly it becomes one of the easiest ways of communication between you and your team members.

Moreover, Some of the Features of the Slack app are following:




  • Customizable option for conversation as the need of work
  • Text message and Video Call
  • Sharing and editing of important documents with concerned people
  • Easy Integration in workflow
  • Customizable notification as per need

Additionally, Slack 
app works on the channel basis. When you join slack two channels will already be their  #general and #random as well as, besides to old channels at the same time, new channels are available anytime the user wants. The channels renaming is possible as per the need of the project. You can enable notification for different channels. In the end, One of the most intriguing features of slack is keyword based notification. You get notification only on highlighted keywords set by you.


Slack App download

User Review on Google Play Store

  • Notification issues with some user on their Galaxy smartphones\
  • Automatic updates are off
  • Some users have reported the log in problem
  • Not enough customizations options available in the app
  • The app is very big in the size and sometimes unstable for use.
  • Desktop version of the slack is much more stable and easy to use
  • Several issues reported after the update of the app
  • App performance is not up to the mark and need works to make it more and more smooth
  • Connectivity problem is reported by many people.

Slack App download


Furthermore, Slack might look like an ordinary group messaging service app. After learning more about passing through the learning phase curve of the app. You will be wondering how did you survive all these years without Slack app.

Instead of just on your phone, it is also present on your desktop. Furthermore, it has different notification to different Channels. Small features do make your professional life a little bit less stress-free. As a matter of fact, an increase in more productive for achieving your goals is what this app helps in.

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Version: 2.27.0
Requires:  4.1 and up
Size:  39.41 MB
Installs: 1,000,000 – 5,000,000
Category: Utility
Updated: February 7, 2017
License:  Vary


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