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Top 10 Fastest Android Browser To Replace Your Stock Android Browser

Android phones come with default web browser chrome installed as default. The chrome browser does not lack in feature and speed but android app store does have lots of alternative to this stock browser. If you are looking for easy loading of web pages or way to download videos easily you can read about the Fastest Android Browser mentioned below.  Google play store host many web browsers which are super optimized for speed and usability.

Here are the fastest Android browsers that you will absolutely love and cherish for their features and speed.

  1. Firefox Focus: The privacy browser 
    Fastest Android Browser

    Firefox Focus Android App Download

    Firefox Focus concentrate heavily on your privacy. The browser blocks almost all tracking code in different websites for your privacy.  As soon as you close the Firefox Focus tab, all the history of the session is deleted and not stored anywhere. You don’t have to worry about tracking cookies, saved passwords or codes which websites use for showing ads.  Apart from the fact that Firefox Focus is backed by Mozilla, the Fastest Android Browser makes your browsing experience smooth as much as possible.  The top features that we loved about this browser from Mozilla are following : 

    Firefox Focus Fastest Android Browser


    • No setting required to block the tracking codes and cookies from different websites.
    • Erase history as soon as you leave the app
    • The Browsing speed is highly improved as tracking codes and cookies are removed.
    • The pages load faster as there are fewer data required to download the app

    If you want to read a detailed Firefox Focus Browser Review 


  2. Chromer – Browser
    Fastest Android Browser


    DownloadChromer – Browser Android App 

    What is Android System web view?

    Chromer is much more than just a browser for you. In reality, replaces your default webview application. Whenever you open any link to any other app like Facebook, the app calls android webview to render that page. Webview is not generally known for its faster loading and is also not great for remembering your saved passwords and autofill data.  Webview is the most basic version for rendering any page within an app and also does not get many updates. 


    To solve this problem Google has been working on Chrome Custom Tabs but it is also not very great at feature at this moment and taking a lot of time since it has got released a few months ago. With all this in mind, Chromer comes into the pictures, chromer replaces android webview and helps in faster rendering of pages. Chromer also remembers your saved password and autofill data from Chrome browser and get regular updates. Some of the best features that we love about Chromer Fastest Android Browser are following:

    • Chromer works on principles of Google custom tabs and rendering links first for greater speed.
    • Easy navigation from apps to websites and websites to the app,  just click the X button and it’s done.
    • Gives priority to AMP pages which are faster to load and consume less data 
    • Article mode to the easy reading of the article by getting rid of extra ads and blocking content.
    • Webheads feature to load multiple links in the background while still being in the app.

    For using chromer you just need any custom tab compatible browser and you are set to go.


  3. CM Browser – Ad Blocker, Fast Download, Privacy
    Fastest Android Browser


    Download CM Browser – Android App 

    This CM browser is a lightweight browser app from CM Clean master.  Many of us are looking for the web browser for easy downloading and saving different media, the app provides just that. You can browse online media and download them for later watch. The browser is well protected from different malicious threats like a virus and frozen with its award-winning protection. Some of the best features we found in the browser are following.

    Cm Browser Fastest Android Browser


    • The Fastest Android Browser has smart detection feature which highlights any downloadable content on the webpage for easy downloading from the address bar.
    • The browser comes with ad,  pop-ups, and banner blocking feature which makes it easy to read the online content.
    • The detection system in the browser stops you from going to any infected websites.
    • Scanning for Downloaded content specially APK, if they contain any Virus or Malware.
    • The app also has an incognito mode for traceless browsing experience and deletes the history as soon as you are done.
    • The page translator and browsing speed acceleration help the browser give a seamless experience.


  4. Dolphin Web Browser–Fast Private Internet Search
    Fastest Android Browser


    Dolphin Web Browser Android App Download

    Which Browser has Flash Player for Android?

    With than 150,000,000 downloads in the google play store, Dolphin browser has surely made its way to the top of the list. The browser comes heavily with features and add-ons that one can need for any purpose needed. The browser is fast and quick, it supports the HTML5 Video Playback and sidebar tops. Dolphin Fastest Android Browser has the incognito mode and also supports the FLash players for all the different web pages you visit.

    The features like Gesture is used for going directly to your defined webpage by doing some specified gesture, Sonar feature helps you in doing voice search in the app, share on social media and bookmarking, it’s more like talking to your browser which feels great. Some of the best Features we found Dolphin Browser are following. 

    • Flash Support for best gaming experience and high definition Video
    • Add-On install for blocking ads on the web pages
    • Easy Navigation between different tabs increasing speed and efficiency of the user.
    • Multiple options to select different search operators like google, bing, yahoo.
    • Syncing feature with another browser
    • Gesture controls for accessing web pages faster
    • Sonar feature for searching anything in the search engine and social media.

    The Dolphin browser provides a great number of add-ons for install which is a great feature to increase the usability.


  5. UC Browser Mini – Smooth
    Fastest Android Browser


    UC Browser Mini Android App Download

    The UC browser Mini probably does not require any introduction when it comes t the browser. Uc Browser has become one of the most downloaded apps when it comes to browsers. The app is super light on phone, which makes it possible for people with the lower configuration of cell phones, enjoy the interest as fast as possible and also give the option to download and save the content whenever they desire to do so.

    The App saves lots of data, which becomes crucial when it comes to people who are not in very high connectivity area or if you are in data saving mode. Some of the best Features we found in the UC Fastest Android Browser  Mini are following:

    • The UC browser is made for people who have low storage and fewer data to spend.
    • App is small in size
    • UC mini browser does not slower your phone after installation and even after using the app for quite some time. 
    • Smart download, small size, night mode and incognito mode give the users feel of a rich app while keeping the performance in mind. 
    • The App comes with Direction cards which helps users for quick navigation to different websites.


    UC mini Fastest Android Browser comes with Gesture control on videos, which can be helpful for users while watching videos on youtube or Vimeo.


  6. Brave Browser: Fast AdBlocker
    Fastest Android Browser


    Brave Browser Android App DOwnload

    The Brave Browser comes with features similar to another browser, but the feature which sets this browser apart from any other browser app is data optimization and battery optimization.  If you browse the internet a lot and worried about your battery performance, then you can give Brave Browser a change and see yourself if it optimize or uses less battery.


    Brave Browser Fastest Android Browser


    The Brave Fastest Android Browser also concentrates high on security feature with ads and cooking blocking and goes a step beyond by implementing the widely know feature HTTPS everywhere. Some of the best features of the app we found are following:

    • Built-in Ad-Block Features for easy browsing and data saving
    • No extra configuration is required, it comes with a predefined setting for security and seamless browsing.
    • More speed with less battery consumption is something not many other apps offers
    • Bookmarks, private browsing and Https everywhere give this app a cutting-edge advantage.

    We would recommend this browser app for people who are always struggling with their battery and want to be secure while browsing different web pages. 


  7. Armorfly Browser & Downloader – Private, Safe Fastest Android Browser
    Fastest Android Browser


    Armorfly Browser Android App Download

    At No 7 we have Armorfly Browser, this browser app has made to the list because it comes with private vault feature which comes handy to many of us. The app actually lets you save your private content that you don’t want anyone else to come by. With other features like browser speed acceleration,  add blocker, smart detection feature for downloading videos and much more, makes this browser app a must-have. 


    Armorfly Fastest Android Browser


    Talking about speed it has speed dial feature to some of your favorite websites with more features like  “No TRACE BEHIND” which makes sure there is no history saved anywhere.  On the security front, the apps have one of the best and trusted as well as an awarded security feature “All-around protection#1 antivirus engine (rated by AV-TEST)“.  Some of the best features we found in the Fastest Android Browser app are following:

    • Easy download detection on the web page.
    • The vault to keep your download media safe and away from prying eyes.
    • Adblock and avoiding tracking features for safety and fast downloading.
    • Page Translator, text search, font adjustment and bookmarking features make this app really easy and secure.

    The Armorfly Browser has features similar to other browser but its vault feature is the one, for which you should give this app a try.


  8. UC Browser – Fast Download Private & Secure
    Fastest Android Browser


    UC Browser Android App Download

    Much Like UC Browser Mini,  the full-fledged version of the app also belongs to one best performing and most downloaded browser app in the android app store. The UC browser has almost all the features that one could imagine or could need for any purpose.  UC browser is fast and serves a great purpose by saving data. The Fastest Android Browser also focuses on connecting users to their favorite content like music, games, and movies to watch and have an awesome time. Uc Browser supports live streaming functionality which comes in handy while watching cricket matches in the app.

    UC Browser

    The App also has Cricket card which helps in watching the live score quickly. Some of the best features of the Uc Browser are following:

    • The UI and UX of the app is amazing 
    • The browsing speed is super fast in the app
    • For cricket lovers, the cricket card feature will be a blessing for quickly accessing the scores on phone.
    • For browsing facebook, there is a dedicated mode available in the app which increases the speed of facebook loading based on your network strength.
    • Night mode available for people to read while giving comfort to their eyes. 

    UC Browser is one of the oldest browsers in the app store and definitely has come to a long way. The app is high on feature and does not shy away when it comes to including new features. we highly recommend giving this app a try. 

    You can read the full Description about UC Browser here. 


  9. Browser By Xman 
    Fastest Android Browser


    Browser Android App Download

    If you are just looking for the browser which does not come with much functionality rather just serving you light content and saving data then we have this browser for you from Xman Communication. The Fastest Android Browser has no background process which makes this app white light and easy on your phone hardware.

    Browser Fastest Android Browser

    The UI of the Fastest Android Browser app is simple and minimalistic serving them to the point feature and nothing else. Some of the features of the apps are following:

    • Full-Screen reading 
    • The off-line Reading article when you don’t have the internet connection.
    • Intelligent recommendation and autofill to your query.

    If you are a simple man and need a simple web browser which is fast and not heavy on phone we recommend you to give this browser a try.


  10. Firefox Browser fast & privateFastest Android Browser 

    Firefox Browser Android App Download

    In the end, we are going to end our Fastest Android Browser list with the most trusted browser Firefox Browser. It is the only browser that has been competing against the chrome web browser and even occasionally winning on several fronts also. The Firefox browser comes with search intelligent feature and which predicts and anticipate your query and requirement and delivers you the most optimum results across different search engine.


    Firefox Fastest Android Browser


    Firefox makes it easier to access different websites like Amazon, Google, and Wikipedia by its shortcuts. You can open as many tabs as you want, it also gives you the option to sync across the device to better management throughout your phone. Some of the best features we found in the Firefox Fastest Android Browser are following:

    • The app makes your browsing very safe and private by encryption technologies
    • Easy access to your favorite websites by shortcuts
    • Multiple add-ons are available for the user to extend the functionality of the web browser.
    • Ability to share content  easily
    • Show content from your mobile phone screen to tv from within the app whenever you are playing any video or music.

    Firefox is one stop destination when it comes to the mobile web browser. If you have not liked any mobile web browser in the above section then definitely try The firefox. 


Conclusion: Who has the fastest browser? 

The best android browser can be different for person to person if one’s need is to download video and other multimedia content then browser which comes with download detection, if someone thinks the privacy is everything then they can go for Firefox Focus browser. There is no one straight answer when it comes to Fastest Android Browser, it is features that makes a browser app best or not. 

Let us know your thoughts on Fastest Android Browser, and if you try any of the above mentioned mobile browsers. We always wait to hear from our readers.