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Top 5 Most Useful Android Apps In Daily Life (Must Try At-least Once)

Apps are not just game or a fun activity for a free time, but more than that. They can help you alter your life in better way. You can set straight your sleep pattern or motivate yourself to do more and live without any health concerns.  You can make a huge difference in long-term with the help of these most useful android apps in daily life. Without further ado here are our top contenders for this position. 

Top 5 most useful android apps in daily life are following : 

  1. Lifesum – Calorie Counter, Macro Tracker & Recipes
    most useful android apps in daily life

                         Download Calorie Counter App

    It is not rocket science to understand that healthy lifestyle can be achieved through planned diets and exercise. With the help of lifesum a calorie tracker app. You can track what is the content of your food and how much you have already consumed in terms of your daily requirement for calories and healthy living. 

    calorie count app
    With the help of barcode scanner, you can track your food and its content easily. The app also helps you motivated to lose weight by sending push notification of tips and tricks. Some of the features of the app is following:

    1. Food intake planner 
    2. Calorie Counter features in-app
    3. Ability to track your daily nutrition values
    4. Different recipes and tips for healthy living
  2. Twilight
    most useful android apps in daily life

                        Download App To Fall Asleep

    If you constantly gaze at your phone and have trouble falling asleep at night, you might be exposed to too much of blue light emitting from your phone screen. The whole idea behind the app is to minimize exposure to blue light to your eyes. Blue light affects photoreceptor in your eyes, called Melanopsin. This receptor helps in regulating wake-sleep cycle of your mind. 

    most useful android apps in daily life
    The Twilight app works best with synchronization with the environment. It adapts itself to the time of the day and limits the emission of blue light by replacing it with a red filter, which is smooth on an eye and does not affect the sleep pattern of an individual.  Following are features we loved in this app:

    1. It gives more control over the backlight on your phone. 
    2. It is a great helper in reading at night time, by highly reducing the emission of blue light.
    3. The app has been tested for more than 2.5 years on Amoled screen. Less light emission and equal emission from all the part of the screen is USP of this app.
  3. HealthifyMe Weight Loss Coach
    most useful android apps in daily life

                        Download App For Weight Loss 

    HealthifyMe is Calorie Counter and Weight Loss Coach app for the Indian market. The app covers more than 100K food items in the Indian subcontinent with accurate details about calorie intake and nutrient intake on daily basis. The app comes with personalized and trained coaches who help you with all your question about weight loss and even train you on regular basis. 

    1. Set Your Goal – The app takes everyone seriously. If you are trying to lose weight or gain it will help you with everything.
    2. Calorie Counter – If you are an Indian you know you can’t possibly count a number of food items available in the market, but we have come closer. With our calorie counter feature which covers more than 100k food items, you can track exact food items content and calorie you consume on regular basis. 
    3. Personalized Coaching – All the exercises in the app, recipes, and tips are coming from well-trained fitness instructor Through the app you can have assistance from the comfort of your home for any query about your health or diet.
    4. Connect Devices and Apps – Use it with GoogleFit, Mi Band and Fitbit helps you in tracking all your activity, even while you are sleeping it keeps in sync.
  4. Sworkit: Workouts & Fitness Plans

    most useful android apps in daily life                 Download Sworkit App for Workout 

    Rate by ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) on various parameter on stretching, a variety of exercise and safety. Sworkit becomes most trusted fitness app. You can make your own your set of exercise with an ability to add body weight exercises.

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    It does not matter anymore if you are a gym or in a room with no gym equipment, Sworkit make it easy for you to follow and do bodyweight exercise app to achieve that level of fitness that you always wanted. Following are the some of the feature that we absolutely loved about Sworkit:

    App for loosing weight

    1. The app is backed by Personal trainers, Sports trainers, Physical therapists, PE teachers and more.
    2. This best fitness app gives you guided fitness plan.
    3. You have the permission to set intervals for different exercise.
    4. Ability to ask trainer and custom workout exercises from professionals.
  5. Fabulous: Motivate Me! Meditate, Relax, Sleep

    most useful android apps in daily life                Download Fabulous App for Better Sleep

    The app comes with smart targetted pieces of advice to incorporate into your daily life. All the content and tips are coming to you from scientifically searched facts to install more and healthy habits in your day to day life. Specialised programs for weight loss and increasing power of your mind and body by meditation.

    The app also comes with 1:1 personal coach for a better understanding of an individual need. The app also helps in setting up a sleep pattern and morning waking up rituals for an energetic day ahead.

    Meditation app download

    The fabulous app helps with maintaining the right amount of energy throughout the day. You can read more about best meditation app Following are the features that we loved about this app:

    1. Sleep better at night with help of guided meditation
    2. Build a morning ritual for better lifestyle and energy throughout the day 
    3. Learn to focus better on your day to day task.
    4. Proper guided exercise programs for weight loss


With the all technological advances in society, it is utmost important to actually implement all the small changes in your day to day life to bring positive change and lead a happy life.