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Top 8 best apps for android By Editors Choice 2017

When it comes to the best apps for android there is a lot a competition in the app store. Not every app performs best as per the user requirement and justifies their purpose, sometimes it is lots of advertising on the app or it can be crashing issues. Apps are generally judged on,  how useful and what are the features that are available to users. It is not always what user want but sometimes it is also what you can give to the user, which they themselves are not aware of. 

Today we are going to list down top 5 best apps for android as per their performance and reviews by users and editors who have selected them for excellence awards. 

Onefootball – Football scores App

Onefootball best apps for android


Onefootball Android app download

With features like live score and push notification for every time, If there is any news in the world of football you can be sure that you are never going to miss it or any update about your favorite football club. The onefootball app has more than 200 major leagues and international competitors covered.

Even if you miss any of the live matches you can watch highlights of the match later in the app and relive the moment.  The app is no less with features, below are some of the most loved featured we found.


  • See which players are getting transferred to which club 
  • See which team has got how many points in the matches with the football table 
  • Matches that are coming next and highlights of previous matches 
  • Live commentary of the matches
  • One of the best features that we love is predicting among your friends who is going to win. 


Agoda hotel Booking Deals App

best apps for android


Agoda Android App Download

Among one of the best performing apps, Agoda is accommodation providing app which helps you discover any kind of rental requirement whether it is villas or small hut in your currency and language. Agoda also has a website but the deals available on the app are much greater than on the website. 

The features like Filtering your searches, Photos of the place and location of the place on the map helps you make a sound decision before you book the holidays rental.  Database of more than 1,400,000 + rental places agoda has made its presence in the international waters. Some of the best features of the app that we absolutely love are following.

Agoda best apps for android Agoda best apps for android


  • You can see the photos and local experience from the previous visitors 
  • 24/7 support available for any query by traveler
  • Review of more than 15+ Million people in the world
  • If you want to host and earn money the app lets you act as a host also 
  • Vouchers that you redeem in the app are available for discounts

Much like Trivago hotel booking app, Adoga also performs best. 


Fotor Photo Editing App 

Fotor best apps for android


Fotor Android App Download

Unlike other best photo editing app and quick photo editing appFotor has evolved into much more than that. It has all the photo editing tools and kit that is required by any person, people find all the tools easy to use and implement. The features that make fotor different from its competitors is that it also serves as one of the biggest community for the amateur photographer.


People also win prizes on their photographs if they get famous acting as a first step to becoming an earning a name for yourself in the world of photography.  These best apps for android has many features but mainly knows for its filter and different six photo-taking modes. Some of the features that we find excellent in the app are following : 

fotor best apps for android Fotor best apps for android

  • The editing tools come with a focus feature which gives it feel real DSLR depth of field feel. 
  • Ability to edit the rapid details and gradation in the editing. 
  • Lightning solution makes it easier to edit the photographs for  Saturation, contrast, and brightness
  • Numbers of different filters available in the app are amazing. 
  • Regular updates of filters, stickers, and frames that keep users engaged in the app for more editing and getting the best out of their images.

You can see photographs from other photographers and get inspired by their work. The option to follow the work of your favorite photographers is an addition to what this app can do. 


Money Lover – Expense Tracker & Budget Planner

Moneylover best apps for android


Money Lover Android App Download

If you have ever had the problem with tracking your expenses and wondering where did you spend most of your money, we have an app for you. The Money lover is one spot best apps for android for tracking your expenses. The app comes with many features that are really appreciable.

You can track the expensed on credit and debt through a report, the report tracks your total expense, income, spending by category or bill needs to be paid.  These best apps for android comes with planning your budget and also learn from your history of expenses if you are going to exceed the allocated budget in that given period of time, it is one of most lovable features of the app. 

Money Lover best apps for android Money lover best apps for android


Some of the features that we love about the Money lover app are followings:

  • Connecting directly to your bank account for complete sync up between your budget and available balance
  • Budget planner for better planning with your money
  • Ability to track your expenses is an added advantage making it best apps for android
  • For bills which come regularly, you can get notification for them before due date so that you don’t miss the deadline
  • Track the money that you owe in debt tracker
  • Money lovers support multiple language and currency but are limited to certain countries at the time. 

The Money Lover app has a premium version also which removes add and ability to import data in the form of .csv files, which can come handy if required.


AlarmMon – Free Alarm Clock

ALarmmom best apps for android


AlarmMon Android App Download

There are multiple alarm clock apps available in the Android app store but none of them come close to AlarmMon. The types of alarm available in the app make it one of the most loveable alarm clock app in the world, it has got multiple awards apart from one just one of the editors choice award in the google play store at this moment.

The features that make this alarm clock best apps for Android is that it doesn’t turn off until you clear the game and really helps you leave the bed on time. You will be amazed by the type of alarm they have in the app, for example, Noisy alarm, quiet alarm, game alarm, video alarm, voice alarm, idol band alarm

AlarmMom best apps for android

Some of the Features available in the AlarmMom which make it best apps for android are following:

  • You can have your favorite pop starts voices as an alarm clock voice to wake you up in the morning
  • If you have some favorite band or some favorite celebrities, you can put their voices as an alarm voice
  • Alarm to wake up listening to new or some whether broadcast from your favorite channel can be kept as an alarm voice to wake up listening.
  • It also helps in keeping track of your sleeping habit and record your history within the app 

We get it, waking up early or even on time in the morning can be hard for people, but this app makes sure that you at least wake up on time every day. 


Memrise: Learn a new language App

Memrise best apps for android


Memrise Android App Download

Learning a new language is not an easy task for most of the people. One can not deny the importance of learning a new language also, it helps people and travelers connect with local people and understanding their world for better. Like other learn a new language app  Beelinguapp, Memrise is also helping people learn a new language through different media. 

The app serves more than 15 million people around the world with 2 million new words are taught with a different medium like videos, games, chatbots and native people of that specific language.  

Memrise best apps for android Memrise best apps for android


Some of the best features of Memrise are following :

  • Chatbots to helps you learn and connect in that specific language for improving grasp while talking.
  • All real people talking in their native language to help you understand the language much better and also the accent 
  • Word comprehension and different games and activities to help to understand and learning new words every day
  • These best apps for Android has received many awards from very famous committees 

Memrise does not just help you learn a new language but also helps in learning the accent of the native people of that specific language, which is great features as sometimes the pronunciation of words are different in the different language spoken by non-native speakers.


Vivino Wine Scanner App

Vivino best apps for android 


Vivino Wine Scanner Android App Download

For wine lovers, this app comes as a blessing in disguise.  Vivino wine finding app takes the guessing game out, now you don’t have to guess if the wine that you have selected taste good. It also helps in suggesting you new vines. The app has 23 million users and counting more, it is one of the largest communities of wine lovers and best when it comes to discovering wines.

These best apps for android use the searching facility by taking a picture of the wine that you want to know more about or just searching in the app for best wines available near you, it also helps in searching wines supermarket wise

Some of the best features of Vivino that we love are following:

  • See the wine rating and review in the app
  • See the origins of the wine and get to know what to expect if you go ahead with the selected one.
  • If you taste a new wine and want to tell others about it, you can add your own review and rating describing more about the taste and effect of the wine.
  • keep tracks of wines that you have bought and also follow different wines when it is available in the supermarket.
  • Buy directly from the app for different wines available
  • Experts review and wine buying guides are available for the premium users of the app. It is hard to ignore this app under best apps for android

Vivino app makes it sure that your personal taste is never lost hence for that purpose if recommends you wine as per your taste. Vinino is the one and only app for all your wine needs.


Citymapper App

Citymapper best apps for android


Citymapper Android App Download

These best apps for Android can make your life much easier when it comes to daily commuting in metro cities. One of the most awarded app for its design and usability Citymapper app makes it possible to avoid and predict the best commuting option for your destination in very efficient way possible.

It combines all different modes of transport and comes up with the optimized result for the best commute route possible. With features like live bus timing and rail timing, the app makes sure that you never have to miss any bus or train in future. 

Citymapper best apps for android

Some of the best features that we find absolutely amazing in the Citymapper are following:

  • Save any bus stop or train station, metro or route for quick access and information about that.
  • You can get know if there is any delay in the bus or train or even metro as per their schedule.
  • You locked phone screen can act as an information hub for all the information about the traffic and shortest commute route possible for you. 
  • The step by step guide to by the app makes it possible to become pro traveler, it helps you with alarm clock when you need to get off the bus or train. 
  • Features like information about crowd and exit point make it a must app for any traveler
  • Support to your android wear gears and step by step support makes it even more usable 

At this time the Citymappe only supports London

  1. Manchester
  2. Birmingham
  3. Paris
  4. New York
  5. Barcelona
  6. Hong Kong
  7. Singapore

With more cities to the Citymapper app, it is sure the traveling for people will become much easier in near future. 

Conclusion for choosing best apps for android

Every app mentioned in the article has a different purpose altogether. But in combination, all these apps become essential for using your phone to its fullest. Above mentioned app can come handy sooner or later. 

Let us know in the comment section what do you think about these editors choice apps and your experience after using the apps. You can read about more trending app on app review website Appsreviewhub.