Top Fitness weight Loss Apps | 30 Day Fitness Challenge Download | Review

Every month we have some top Fitness weight Loss Apps in the editor choice app listing, and this month we have got the 30 Day Fitness Challenge app in the list. Not only the Editor’s choice list, but it was also listed as the best of 2016 app.

The application is developed by Leap fitness group; everyone needs to get fit, but in order to get fit, one might need to exercise a lot, and doing the wrong exercises you will not get anything, in fact, it can result in severe pain, hence we need some expert guidance from trainers about the exercise we must do.

Usually, it is not possible for each and everyone to join a gym, there might be timing issues, no gym nearby and might be money issues. There are a number of applications on the Play Store which allow you to get some minor training to get a better body overall.

Top Fitness weight Loss Apps Features and Review

Today we bring you one of the best application in the Fitness section of the Google Play Store; the 30 Day Fitness Challenge Workout – Lose Weight. Let us start with the features that make the application the topmost application in the Health & Fitness category.


Top Fitness weight Loss Apps

Top Features that make “30 Days Fitness Challenge Workout” the best

Google Fit is one of the best apps to keep you fit, and it allows integration with a lot of fitness trackers, different apps, and you can also link the 30 Days Fitness Challenge Workout app with Google Fit, which will allow the app to sync all your previous activities.

The app gives you around 30 days to get slim, but it doesn’t introduce you the most painful exercise at the day 1, in fact, it acts like a gym trainer and starts with minor activities and increases it slowly and slowly day by day.

Top Fitness weight Loss Apps


The application just gives you the exercise which works with your body weight to make you strong. Yes, you will not require any other weights or any machine to get slim and fit, in fact, if you follow the diet and the exercise of the application you will get some great result in 30 days.

The app does remind you to work out every day which is quite great, and it will even record the training part automatically which results in the app being quite smart. You get different challenges like 30 days abs challenge, 30 days full body challenge and much different challenge; hence at first you might take the full body, once your body is kind of fit you can work on abs for the next 30 days and so on.


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UI & UX of the 30 Days Fitness Challenge Workout App

When you open the application the first time, there will be no fancy login screen or something like that you will straightaway be asked to enter your current weight, and choose the type of workout you want to do, if it is Full Body Workout, Abs Workout, Butt Workout, Arm Workout, etc.

Once you select the workout you will be asked for the easy plan or for a hard plan which will enable you to set the intensity of your workout.


Top Fitness weight Loss Apps

If you have any problem in working out during any type of your workout type then you have an instruction panel where you will get all the steps to do any exercise, almost all the exercise is included in the instruction panel, and the language used is also quite good and understandable by everyone.

There is an option to remove ads just below the status bar which might be quite handy when you are looking forward using the app for your daily fitness needs. The Pro version costs 200 INR but you can wait for the prices to fall during festive seasons.

Have you used the 30 Days Fitness Challenge Workout app? What do you think about it? Do let us know in the comment section below


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