List of HIPAA Compliant Video Conferencing Platforms 2020

HIPAA compliant video conferencing

When it comes to healthcare, the distance between the healthcare facility and patients plays an important role in achieving better results. HIPAA compliant video conferencing platforms have an important role to play during this situation. Patients who had facilities located far from their living place had the worst outcomes on their health in comparison to … Read more

Not Just Good But Perfect: 10 Best Landing Page Templates

landing pages template

It is impossible to argue that your landing page plays a crucial role in your business promotion. However, it might be difficult to design every single element of your online-project. There are so many elements you should take care of. These include a heading, social integration, trust elements, and many others. Without them, your landing … Read more

DesignCap Review: An Excellent Online Poster Maker Tool Created to Make Striking Posters Online

DesignCap Review

Even in this digitalization and Technicalization times, the poster is still an essential and cost-effective medium for people looking for advertising opportunities. Thank DesignCap for online poster maker tool that job has become super easy. Do you want to make posters for promoting your product or events? Are you looking for useful poster maker tools? … Read more

iOS Application Development – View Controllers

iOS view controllers

What is a View Controller? View controllers existing and manage a pecking order of views. The UIKit framework or structure consists of modules for view controllers you could utilize to establish much of the typical user interaction idioms in iOS. You utilize these view controllers with any kind of customized view controllers you may need … Read more

Best Productivity Apps to Use in 2018

best productivity apps

We just entered the second half of 2018 and if you are feeling unproductive feel no more because the best productivity apps are here to help. You may ask, but what are productivity apps? They are apps that can help you manage, prioritize and even automate your workload, improve your efficiency, increase your potential and … Read more