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“WPVR” Virtual Tour WordPress plugin – Virtual Tour Creator

Virtual Tour has proven to be one of the most effective ways to enhance the credibility of your website. Virtual Tours increase the rate of engagement from your website up to 5-10 times.  

The WordPress community is also aware of the privileges that people can get through virtual tours. Hence, they have created the opportunity for the massive users of WordPress to integrate amazing virtual tours to WordPress sites as well through virtual tour WordPress plugin.

There are plenty of useful plugins available in WordPress repository which you can use to create amazing virtual tours. Today I will talk about one of the best virtual tour creator plugins – WPVR. With it, you can easily create and embed amazing virtual tours on your WordPress site.

You simply need to provide multiple 360 panoramas to this plugin and it will turn them into an amazing virtual tour enriched with information and media contents. WPVR helps to display your properties remotely. People don’t have to move an inch to take the full pleasure of your location.

Now, let’s focus on learning more about this virtual tour WordPress plugin: WPVR

WPVR – Your Very Best Virtual Tour Creator Plugin:

With WPVR, you can easily create a 360 virtual tour and integrate it to your WordPress website. You can connect multiple scenes together or make a virtual tour by using a single 360 panorama, as per your requirement.

Hotspot is a great option available in WPVR that allows you to link between multiple scenes and add different media contents (even URLs) to different areas of your virtual tours. With WPVR, hotspots are easy to use and implement, and it is the main feature that lets you create a quality virtual tour.

Well, the question that arises now is why should you use WPVR and what makes it better than other virtual tour WordPress plugin?

The answer is – WPVR has a super easy UI (User Interface) that gives the best user experience.

Developers of WPVR are very much concerned about the convenience of the users, hence they developed a virtual tour WordPress plugin with simplicity in mind, that not only creates amazing virtual tours, but also it is easy to use.

Get the free version of WPVR here.  

What You Can Experience With WPVR:

Virtual Tours allow you to preview your property more elaborately. Those who run real estate business or who own residential hotels can promote their properties with more integrity and transparency with Virtual Tours. WPVR is actually built to serve that greater purpose.

Simple And Easy To Use:

WPVR review

WPVR, unlike other virtual tour creator plugins in WordPress, offers a simple user interface.

This interface is straightforward, and the users will have no confusion in using the features of the plugin.

With WPVR, creating a virtual tour is easy and the process doesn’t require any additional use of FTP or any third party support.

Hence, it is undeniable that this plugin is specialized in providing the best user experience, where you do not need to be a tech-savvy to operate it. WPVR is featured with all the essential tools required to create a complete virtual tour.

Easily Add A Virtual Tour On WordPress:

With WPVR, you can link between multiple scenes and travel through them back and forth, preview different media contents to describe your place elaborately and customize the styles of different elements of your virtual tour.

After creating a virtual tour successfully, you can easily add it to any of your web pages. The plugin creates a shortcode and an ID for each virtual tour you created. You can insert them easily in your desired page/post.

Compatible With Gutenberg:

Gutenberg compatible virtual tour WordPress Plugin

Most of you know about the latest block editor of WordPress – Gutenberg by now. It allows you to update your contents through block elements.

It is a newly introduced feature with WordPress 5.0. Many plugins and themes are still struggling to make their plugins gutenberg compatible.

WPVR is both Gutenberg and Classic Editor supported. It provides a clear virtual tour through the latest block editor.

If you install WPVR, you will find a WPVR block icon in the Gutenberg blocks which lets you embed your desired virtual tour on any web page.

Showcase Your Property Ellaborately:

A study shows that more than 50% adult internet users use virtual tours to complete their research on a regular basis. Users are attracted to the full broaden details of your property/place or what you have for them.

WPVR, on that term, allows you to provide a detailed preview of your property.

The integration of multiple scenes will allow you to create a tour where people will be able to move through different areas of your house as if it were real. Thus, allowing you to create a complete Virtual Home.

This will result in more happy customers and you will get more potential clients visiting your site.

Saves Your Time & Money:

WPVR made creating virtual tours so much easy and you can create a virtual tour real quick with no hassle.

Once you go through the documentations properly of this virtual tour WordPress plugin, you will be able to add multiple scenes, add hotspots effectively and create a complete virtual tour of a house in mere 10-20 minutes.

In the past, you had to hire extreme professionals and developers to create a high-quality virtual tour. Now you can do it on your own and in less time. Thus, saving you a lot of time and money.

Extremely Convenient User Support:

WPVR is developed by a group of dedicated WordPress developers. They are focused on improving different aspects of this plugin on a regular basis.

Hence, if you are facing any problems or face any technical issues while using this plugin, just post a ticket on the WordPress repository support forum for the plugin or visit the official RexTheme page and leave a message there.

And the support team will instantly inspect your inquiry and will get back with you with a proper solution.

Helpful Documents:

WPVR virtual tour plugin review

A complete walkthrough is available with WPVR. You will get the documentation on the official page of RexTheme or from WordPress repository as well.

The documentation will provide you will all the necessary details required to be able to use the plugin easily and it includes step by step guides which will allow you to successfully create virtual tours for your site.

If that doesn’t work for you, there are also detailed video tutorials which you can follow and learn to use the plugin easily.

Check out the video tutorials here.

Exclusive Features of WPVR:

To help you more elaborate with this virtual tour WordPress plugin, here are some cool features that you will find in this plugin:

  • The plugin default design is responsive to all devices.
  • Easy, organized interface
  • Easily create multiple scenes and include hotspots
  • Get a preview tour on back-end to create a virtual tour easily
  • Extensive keyboard and mouse navigation on the tour: Use direction keys or click and drag to navigate
  • Zoom In and Out features on the tour: Mouse scroll or Keyboard Buttons to Zoom In and Out
  • Scene fade animation when transmitting from one scene to another in the tour
  • Ability to set the scene fade animation duration manually
  • Easily use hotspots to provide extra information or link scenes to transmit to and from.
  • Ability to provide custom style on hotspot contents
  • Supports Equiretangular Panaromic Image type
  • Generates shortcodes for every tour created, to embed it on webpage
  • Tour supports full screen
  • Gutenberg block support

Conclusion: Is WPVR Best Virtual Tour WordPress Plugin?

WPVR is one of the best virtual tour creator plugins for WordPress. It comes with great user flexibility. You will enjoy creating your very own virtual tour once you get started with this plugin.  

Needless to say, how essential virtual tours are these days for increasing the overall performance of your website. Hence, if you haven’t thought of attaching virtual tours in your website, you should consider to create one using WPVR.

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