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Personal computers have always been our best companions. Whether you are working day and night on your important project, or you are watching some new releases web series or making a video appealing enough to get more views on YouTube, you need a computer. 

Personal computers are the one-stop platform to do everything by just moving your fingers. But, whether you use a laptop or a desktop it is always important to keep the PC updated and maintained. 

There are a lot of determinants responsible for running your PC at its optimum capacity. Your PC is a combination of various hardware and software, and you have to keep them maintained in order to keep your PC up and running all day. 

This is exactly what we are going to discuss in this guide. We are about to give you some useful tips to keep your computer running smoothly and optimally. So, here we go.

Tips to Keep Your Computer Running Smoothly 

We would like to mention one point before we start our main discussion. Today, we will be discussing tips to keep your computer smoothly running. That means we won’t be discussing any kind of solution to a particular issue. 

In case, you are facing any problem with your computer, then you can always look for a DIY solution, or you can visit any nearby computer repair shop to solve the glitch. Now, getting back to our prime focus. Here are some effective tips to keep your computer up and running smoothly.

The maintenance of computers can be subdivided into two categories, one is software maintenance and the second is hardware maintenance. Both are equally important to look at as your computer is mainly built upon these two entities

  1. Software Maintenance 

Software is like food and air to your computer. The type of installed software on a computer can tell us about the habitat the computer lives in. From connecting your computer to a wireless connection to deleting a file from your system, everything relies on software. 

Software is mainly of two types — One is the system software, which is installed by your operating system and the other is user software, which users install separately to carry out various tasks. 

Apart from the system software (which comes with the OS), the user software is a point of concern. If you want your computer to run smoothly and efficiently, then you have to be wise enough while downloading software from the internet. Like, 

Always Update your Software (both User and OS)

This is a kind of universal tip and applies to every kind of computer. Whether it be system software or user software, you have to keep your software always up to date. It is a very easy procedure to keep your software always updated. 

For system software, you can go to your system settings. There you will find the option to update your operating system. Or, you can visit your processor’s website and update the driver software manually from there. 

Either way, the goal is to keep the system software updated. 

Now, in the case of user software, some providers send automatic software updates on your installed application — like, VLC, adobe, etc. Or, if you can just visit the producer’s website, and from there only, download the latest version of the software. The ultimate goal is also the same here. 

Uninstall unused Software 

Most of us stuff our computer with various software. Some software is there for ages and users don’t even open them. The more software you will stuff the more outdated it will get. 

This is very harmful to your computer’s future and can slow down your computer drastically. That is why it is recommended that you should make a list of the software you use daily to keep them and delete the rest. 

You can just go to the control system of your computer and uninstall all the unused computers. The best part is that you can actually see the difference in computer performance then and there. 

Guard your Computer against Harmful Malware

Malware is always eager to enter your computer. They can harm your files and data and can also affect the overall computer performance. Thus, making your computer slow. 

Every one of us uses a personal computer to store our valuable information and data, and no one wants their privacy to get breached. That is why trusted antivirus software is very much important for your computer. It will not only keep your privacy intact but will also prevent your computer from any kind of major virus attacks. 

  1. Hardware Maintenance 

Hardware is the chassis of your computer. Therefore, just like software, it is very important to keep your hardware well maintained for a smooth operation. 

Here are some tips to keep your hardware well maintained: 

Protect Your Computer from Power Surges 

Sudden power surges and power cuts can imply permanent damage to your computer. Both your hardware and system data can get damaged. 

Hence, it is always better to plug your computer in a power socket with an optimized voltage. Or, you can also buy a surge protector, and then connect your computer to the power supply. 

Before buying any surge protector make sure that it will protect your computer from sudden power cuts, sudden voltage surges, and from lightings too. 

Defragment your Hard Drive 

The more we install and uninstall applications on our computer, the more fragmented our hard drive gets. A more fragmented hard drive means a slower computer. 

Fragmentation means when you install something on your hard drive, and then uninstall the file the OS distributes the various fragments of that file into different locations on your computer. That means more disk space is in use than what is actually showing.

Therefore, defragmentation is done to collect all the leftover data of the uninstalled file and remove them from your computer permanently. You can easily perform this task on your computer. All you need to do is go to File Explorer, and from there select the drive you want to defragment. Right-click on the selected drive and you will find the option to defragment it. 

Keep your Hard Drive healthy

Hard drives are the sole storage unit of every computer. And, data is what we need every day. Therefore, you should run a diagnostic through your hard drive from time-to-time, to check for any kind of errors. 

Sometimes a virus attack can compromise your hard drive’s health and can delete all your data. The only solution for data loss is keeping a regular backup. 

You can check the health of your hard drive from the Control Panel. In case, you find anything abnormal, then do not hesitate to eliminate it. As it might be the reason your system is running slow.


Keeping a routine to maintain your computer can result in its prolonged longevity and smooth performance. Now, you know what components of your computer are responsible for keeping your computer up and running smoothly. 

In the above guide, we have mentioned some major points to keep any computer well-balanced. We want you to follow these methods and you will be able to see the change in your computer performance.

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