Top Five Things Customers Can Design Using custom product designer WooCommerce

custom product designer WooCommerce

People are flooding the internet; trying to sell some form of merchandise using custom product designer WooCommerce. Almost every printable surface is up for sale. The competition is maddening and drags in the people or companies trying to be successful in this sector. However, it is possible to rise above this competition.

Wondering how? Well, it is quite a simple idea. Since there are many people selling merchandise, there must be an equivalent demand for design and print solutions. Your task is to build a business around this central idea.

 designer WooCommerce products
Design T-Shirts with Woocommerce

To start with, you need to set up your store-front. Let us consider WooCommerce for this purpose. The reason behind this is simple. WooCommerce is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms out there. The primary reasons for this are that it is open source and highly customizable and come with multiple custom product designer WooCommerce. This means that most of your clients will find this platform familiar. Therefore, if you build your store on WooCommerce, the customer will feel motivated to stay because of the familiarity and ease of use.

The next thing you’re going to need is a WooCommerce Product Designer. This is the actual tool available to your customers to design their personalized goods; and the core element of your setup. So, you must choose it wisely after considering all the relevant factors.

Additionally, you will be needing the actual items that you’re going to print on. You may plan on having as many items as possible but you need to start with a few. Striking a balance between popular and innovative, here is a list of five items that you should consider printing on:


Design T-shirt using custom product designer WooCommerce
Design a T-shirt

T-shirts are one of the most popular items that you can sell. You can never go wrong with t-shirts. You can wear them on your night-outs and your sleep-ins. Having a customized t-shirt doesn’t add much to the cost but gives your buyers the garment they were looking for.

Customizing adds to the emotional value of the t-shirt. We all have that one piece of cloth that we wear on lazy Sundays or when we’re sick. We wear them even when they’re tone until it isn’t possible to wear them any longer. It is not difficult to design and sell something like that.

Greeting Cards

Greeting cards custom product designer WooCommerce
Design A Greeting Card

There’s lots of nostalgia around greeting cards. Maybe the coming generation won’t be able to appreciate how much greeting cards meant to us. But some of us are still holding on to collections of cards from previous birthdays and anniversaries.

Trends come and go. And greeting cards are making a comeback; in the form of custom printed cards. It isn’t new for families to send photographs in Christmas greetings but now your customers can upload their pictures, edit, and order prints right from their devices.

Photo Albums

Photo Frame custom product designer WooCommerce
Design A PhotoFrame

When we were kids, we used to look at old photographs and muse over the past. We would look at the childhood photographs of our parents and imagine what it would’ve been like to know them in their youth. Could we have been friends?

And it would be a shame if our children didn’t get a chance to have such experiences because we store our memories on the cloud. An easy fix to this is to print out photo albums from the best picks on our phones. Make it a yearly habit.

It is easy to capture the nostalgic value of photographs by printing them in the form of an album.


custom product designer WooCommerce
Design A shoe

“How Often Do You Really Look at a Man’s Shoes?” Morgan Freeman’s unforgettable narrative from the Shawshank Redemption is regrettably wrong. In fact, a man’s shoes are the first thing people notice.

You can have pop culture symbols printed on your shoes. Be it Star Wars logos or anime titles, they can add a personality to your casual attire.

Offering customization of shoes is a less popular yet innovative solution. This means there is a big opportunity for you to offer something not many other companies are.


Mug design custom product designer WooCommerce
Design A Mug

Lastly, we must give serious consideration to mugs. Quotes, designs or photographs; everything goes with mugs. Hate Monday mornings?! Don’t worry, your coffee mug is here to cheer you up. All possible with custom product designer WooCommerce

Mugs make great gift items. Especially when you’re gifting one to yourself. Mugs will probably be among the most popular printable things on your catalog.

Having a wide range of items can give your printing business an edge over others. But to do that, you’re going to need a WooCommerce Custom Product Designer that can create print-ready files for a diverse range of products.

Conclusion – Custom Product Designer WooCommerce

And this is how you can rise above the competition using a WooCommerce Product Designer. Don’t eliminate the competition, supplement it. This will make you indispensable to them. And that is the best-case scenario for any business. Competitive markets divide profits. Always go for a monopoly.