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When organizing events on your website, it gets difficult to create a good event management system that helps you manage event dates, event details, attractive calendars and an easy to find the interface for visitors. But for WordPress websites, there are WordPress events plugins which makes the work much easy.

You may wish to notify people about events you organize or want people to post their events on your site, set up events for visitors to register or subscribe into or create a ticket purchase system for events. You may also highlight your business events such as conferences, seminars or workshops.

Manually setting up these features can be a hassle, however WordPress makes it easier. You will find amazing WordPress event plugins that will make your life easy when organizing or posting events on your site.

You will be able to display events in attractive ways with customized calendars, countdown timers, featured widgets to view upcoming events and many more.

However, there are several plugins out for the similar purpose. Hence, I have tested and organized a list of 10 Best WordPress Event Plugins that can help you organize and manage events on your site easily and in the best possible way.

10 Best WordPress Event Plugins

1. Events Schedule

WordPress events plugins

The Events Schedule is an amazing premium WordPress events plugins to display an events calendar to your website. It is one of the best WordPress event plugins that has a visual calendar editor. You can customize it while getting a live preview of how it will look on your web page.

You can use this plugin to display events using one if it’s 12 amazing templates. Get a preview here.

The plugin allows visitors to use advanced event filters to search for events, bookmark events and share events on social media.

You can set up recurring events, event booking system and customize image tiles with colors or images.

Exclusive features this plugin offers are:

  • Visual builder to create and organize event calendar
  • Create multi date events and repetitive events
  • Organize event booking system
  • Customize event tiles with images or colors
  • Widgets to view events on other webpages
  • Advanced filtering for visitors to find events easily
  • Compatible with visual composer page builder

Click here to check out Events Schedule.

2. The Events Calendar

WordPress events plugins

The Events Calendar is one of most commonly used WordPress event plugins. This plugin makes event creation very easy with a clean calendar style event management.

The calendar view of the plugin (that’s more popular) will create a Monthly calendar with seven rows distributed per day and the dates clearly mentioned. You will be able to add events on each field of dates.

On hovering these events, it will give you a tooltip with overview of the event, and clicking it will take you to the events page. Checkout its demo.

Exclusive features this WordPress events plugins offers are:

  • Simple and clean calendar style or list view for events
  • Possible to integrate Google Maps for event location
  • Several templates and styling options
  • Option to view events on list view
  • Import and Exporting calendars
  • Easy to embed on webpage
  • Extensive search of events

Click here to checkout The Events Calendar.

3. Events Manager

Events Manager WordPress events plugins

The Events Manager is a simple event registration plugin. You can set up events on your page and allow visitors to register to take part in the listed events.

Either pick calendar style or basic event listing style and easily set up events. You can add a call to action for events for registration or you can create a ticket system for visitors to purchase. You can even set it up for guests to submit events.

The WordPress events plugins have a clean back-end database which you can use to organize all the data about your events, registration and guest submissions.

The plugin offers BuddyPress Support for Single, Grouped or Personal/Invitation Only event organization.

Exclusive features this plugin offers are:

  • Super easy User Interface (UI) to add, manage or remove events
  • Create events with registration requirement
  • Option to set recurring event with dates mentioned
  • Calendar or list view of the events
  • Create exclusive ticket systems
  • Exclusive Taxonomy (even categories, event dress code, etc)
  • Allow guests to submit events
  • Widgets to add Google Maps location, calendar and events
  • Add to Google calendar button.

Click here to check out Events Manager.

4. EventOn

EventOn WordPress events plugins

EventOn is one of the best WordPress event plugins out there. It is a premium plugin with all the features you need to create attractive events system on your site.

It’s most popular calendar view is different from most other such plugins. It offers a Tile view of the event, only showing the dates that has events planned. However, you can choose to display events in a regular calendar view as well, or choose from many other calendar formats they offer.

You can add images on each tile to make the events look more attractive. Clicking on an event will created a floated page with details on the events, along with date, time, location, and Google Map with directions. Here’s a demo of the plugin in action.

You can also choose a different style where there will be a short overview of the event details on each tile of the event calendar. The user interface of this plugin is easy to use even without any guidance.

Exclusive features this plugin offers are:

  • Attractive Tile View Calendar
  • Add images per event on tiles
  • Add details on tiles or simply click to display event details.
  • Calendar filtering option
  • Several calendar format templates
  • Social share buttons and visitor communication system
  • Easy user interface to add, manage and customize events
  • Easy to embed with shortcodes

Click here to check out EventOn.

5. Event Espresso 4 Decaf

Event Espresso 4 Decaf WordPress events plugins

Event Espresso is one of the best WordPress event plugins to organize and manage events such as training sessions, workshops, webinars, conferences, etc.

You can set up booking system, ticket system or subscription based events, and track and manage the data easily through the plugin. Plus, the plugin comes with a default payment system page and automated email notifications to subscribers or registrants.

So it basically allows you to organize events and place them on web pages with widgets, and acts as a database for participants.

Exclusive features this plugin offers are:

  • Organize events with deadlines set
  • Create booking, registration or subscription system
  • Set ticketing system with payment page
  • Email automation to notify registrants and subscribers
  • Offerts Android and Apple event apps to track ticketing and attendance
  • Easy back-end interface to manage events easily

Click here to check out Event Espresso 4 Decaf.

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6. All-in-One Event Calendar

All in one event calender

All-in-One Event Calendar is among the few WordPress event plugins that allows complete ICS/ICal support.

With this plugin you can create full page event system with normal calendar view or Tile view with only the event days viewed. You can add colors, event image or category image to make it more attractive.

You can import or export calendars from other sites, or upload ICalendar feed. And visitors will be able to add the events on their calendars such as Google Calendar, Apple iCal, MS Outlook, etc.

Events can be filtered by category or name and search result comes in list view.

Exclusive features this WordPress events plugins offers are:

  • Beautiful event calendar customization with colors and images
  • Many different view modes – Day, Week, Month, Agenda and Posterboard
  • Events can be previewed on other pages automatically using shortcodes or widgets
  • Widgets to view upcoming events
  • Events are SEO optimized
  • Create recurring events

Click here to checkout All-in-One Event Calendar.

7. Calendarize It!

Calendarize - WordPress events plugins

Calendarize It! Is one of the best premium WordPress event plugins that focuses on creating and viewing a brilliant calendar where you will be able to track and display events.

Within the calendar, you can set up event countdowns, Yearly, Monthly or Weekly calendar view, event search option, list or grid view, ticket system and many more. You will be able to customize the calendar with colors, set tooltips for event overviews and click to take to event page.

All the event pages, event data and calendar customizations can be easily managed from the plugin’s backend. (You can check out its demo from the plugin’s website:Username: DemoUser, Password: TryMeNow.)

Exclusive features this plugin offers are:

  • Amazing calendar customization with colours and view modes
  • Arrange event countdowns
  • Easily import calendar events by uploading (in .csv format)
  • Set upcoming events widget
  • Ticket system with payment options
  • Set maps for event locations and embed Google Maps
  • Event registration method with member profile
  • Set up auto social shares when events added
  • Set custom call-to-action buttons

Click here to check out Calendarize It!.

8. Event Organiser

Event Organiser

Event Organiser is prefered by many as one of the best WordPress event plugins due to its unique custom post type option. You get to create events that functions like a post, hence easier to maintain and customize.

Another unique feature this plugin has is its complex recurring event organizing option. You can set complex parameters such as “First Sunday of every month”.

Plus the plugin comes with widgets to place calendar, event list and agenda list.

Exclusive features this plugin offers are:

  • Custom post time event management
  • Set up recurring events with complex parameters
  • Exclusive widgets for calendar, event list and agenda list
  • Archive pages in day, week or yearly format
  • Color customization to highlight events
  • Category or tag filter for events
  • Set up subscription for events
  • Integrate Google maps to set location and directions of events

Click here to check out Event Organiser.

9. WP Event Manager

WP Event Organiser

WP Event Manager is another one of the brilliant WordPress event plugins that can help you organize regular events without much effort.

You can easily set up events to be viewed on your website in either of the many formats such as Slider view, calendar view, list view, carousel view and many more.

Add images for events, tag events and organize events in terms of categories. You can set events with recurring event dates or never-ending event dates, and view event deadline countdown. It’s a great event plugin to go for due to its simple user interface.

Exclusive features this plugin offers are:

  • Create events with amazing customization
  • Display events it different formats such as slider, list grid and many more
  • Set up recurring events – monthly, weekly, daily, weekdays, custom interval
  • Integrate event location on Google Maps
  • Option to set never-ending events
  • Event countdown option in WordPress events plugins
  • Hourly scheduling for events
  • Set up upcoming events
  • Shortcodes to embed event calendars
  • Customize events and calendars with color, images, font-awesome icons and many more
  • Booking or registration event system
  • Filter options – category, tag, dates

Click here to check out WP Event Manager.

10. My Calendar

My calender - WordPress events plugins

My Calendar is one of the simple WordPress event plugins to view events on your website easily either in calendar grid-view or list view.

You can organize events with recurring dates or set ticketing systems for events. Choose from separate event templates or customize the calendar with colors and images.

You also get widgets to view mini calendar on a web page, and get widgets to view upcoming events, event search and compact calendar.

Exclusive features this plugin offers are:

  • Create and organize events in calendar grid-view or list view
  • Schedule recurring events for single or multi date events
  • Set ticketing system for events
  • Get several templates to display the events calendar
  • Get widgets to view upcoming events, search, compact or mini calendar
  • Social media posting button and social share automation
  • Embed custom calendar with shortcodes
  • Add locations with maps
  • Filter with category, location, author or host

Click here to check out My Calendar.

Author’s Thought

As you have read, those are the 10 best WordPress event plugins that I recommend that you should check out if you wish to display events on your website. Each of them have their own unique features and they all have great user interfaces.

Keep in mind, if you are organizing events, it’s best for visitors to find your events easily, and be able to connect. Hence, make sure to use plugin widgets to highlight your events on several web pages of your website.

Also when setting up events, even though all of these plugins are easy to use, it’s best practice to go through their documentations at least once before using it actively. That way you won’t have a chance to make unintentional flaws.

Let me know if you heard of better WordPress event plugins or if you have experience with any of these plugins that I recommended, through comments below.

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