How and Why to Make Your WordPress Website GDPR and Cookie Consent Compliant

GDOR compliant website

Complying with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a daunting process. WordPress site owners face a maze of legal requirements — all under the threat of large fines. Thankfully, keeping your site on the right side of this strict new privacy law is as simple as following a few steps. Read on to learn … Read more

10 WordPress testimonial plugins for increasing conversion on WordPress website

WordPress testimonial plugins

It takes years for a business to build good credibility and trust among customers. However, a business’s success depends a lot on social influence nowadays. Now, how do we judge the credibility of a business, online? Of course, a company may include portfolios, case studies and success stories on their website. However, the strongest reason … Read more

Learn to migrate your WordPress website safely with these 10 WordPress migration plugins

wordpress migration plugins

Today we will discuss about website migration in WordPress using plugins.WordPress is the most commonly used CMS all over the world because it makes web development so much easier. Anything you need with websites, in most cases, you will find plugins to help you out. Having said that, there are times when you need to … Read more

10 Best Free CDN for WordPress – Speed Up Your Website Using Cache Plugin

Free WordPress CDN

WordPress is an extensive CMS with limitless customization, with brilliant themes and plugins. And to engage with visitors, most of us use a lot of media contents such as images and videos. A free CDN for WordPress will come handy in such cases. However, we often do not realize that with more and more contents … Read more

Run events on WordPress website – 10 WordPress events plugins

WordPress events Plugins

When organizing events on your website, it gets difficult to create a good event management system that helps you manage event dates, event details, attractive calendars and an easy to find the interface for visitors. But for WordPress websites, there are WordPress events plugins which makes the work much easy. You may wish to notify … Read more

Top 10 WordPress referral plugin for creating and managing affiliates

WordPress referral plugin

WordPress referral plugin can basically allow affiliates from all around the world to know your website, promote your product and services to the target market. As a result, the affiliates earn a commission for each sale and your site makes a more significant sale, receives relatively larger traffic and has enhanced visibility on the world … Read more