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Top 10 WordPress referral plugin for creating and managing affiliates

WordPress referral plugin can basically allow affiliates from all around the world to know your website, promote your product and services to the target market. As a result, the affiliates earn a commission for each sale and your site makes a more significant sale, receives relatively larger traffic and has enhanced visibility on the world wide web.

Now, before you start installing the affiliate plugins to manage your affiliates, here is a list of top 10 WordPress referral plugin which will make things easier for your WordPress website.

List of 10 best WordPress referral plugin

1. Affiliates Manager

WordPress referral plugin

This WordPress referral plugin allows you to promote your product and services by proving the allowance to your affiliates of logging in to their specific portals. You can add many affiliates you want to without the need of paying any additional cost for every additional member.

Your referrals can keep track of sales and clicks on their account in real time. Moreover, this plugin gives an automated system of handling login and profile maintenance.

2. Ultimate Affiliate Pro WordPress Plugin

WordPress referral plugin

Next on the list is this one that lets you add multiple members totally free of cost. Furthermore, it also allows your affiliates to earn discount commission on the basis of the product sold. This plugin also provides you with affiliate report and payment statuses which makes it easier for you to manage things.

You can inform your affiliates about any desired update on-site through the mailing facility.

3. AffiliateWP

WordPress referral plugin

AffiliateWP allows you to keep track of your affiliates even if your server has a strong caching. You can save a real-time approximation of sales, clicks, and referrals made by your members.

You can also use this plugin to track the use of specific coupons on a particular product or service. Moreover, you can manage the registration manually using AffiliateWP.

4. Affiliate Royale

WordPress referral plugin

Once you install this plugin, you are enabled to design login and signup pages for your affiliates. You can also manage them using the management dashboard which will be added to your website automatically once the plugin is active.

You can access the statistics of your affiliates and make payments accordingly. This plugin allows you to keep track of the amount received from recognized payment platforms as well.

5. Affiliates

WordPress referral plugin

This plugin makes sure that your affiliates do not face any sort of difficulty in the different systems of your website so that they can effectively promote your product or service. They are enabled to track the real-time progress of the affiliate links along with the number of clicks.

6. Thirsty Affiliates

WordPress referral plugin

This plugin automatically connects the affiliate link with the keyword you provided after research. It not only prepares tables and useful statistics but also emails it to you to make your task easier.

With this plugin, you will not have to worry about your links, as they will be regularly monitored and replaced with new ones if needed. This plugin also features a 404 checker that checks for relevant errors on your website and helps you change them accordingly.

7. WordPress Affiliate & Referral

WordPress affiliate manager plugin

With this WordPress referral plugin, you can get reports, statistics, and analysis of your affiliates and product promotion in real time. You can notify the members through emails about crucial information.

Moreover, this plugin doesn’t even pose any limits to the number of affiliates you add to promote your products or service. Amazing, isn’t it?

8. YITH WooCommerce Affiliates (Free)

WordPress referral plugin

Just as the name suggests, this is one such WordPress referral plugin that support WooCommerce. Being GDPR compliant, it follows norms and standards of the online laws; hence, you wouldn’t have to worry about adhering by the rules at all.

It does not just let you set up profiles easily but pay the commission automatically as well. You can also edit the commission rate, create affiliate history, approve new affiliates automatically, and do so much more.

9. WP Auto Affiliate Links

affiliate manager

Auto Affiliate Link is a WordPress referral plugin that is meant to enhance the sales of your website effectively. This plugin does everything related to your link building and keyword to ease out your manual efforts and promote your site’s credibility on the internet.

Not just that, but it can also extract and display links from top websites, like Clickbank, Amazon, eBay, and more. You can also limit the number of links shown in every article amidst several other features.

10. EasyAzon

WordPress referral plugin

Using this tool is probably the quickest way to create Amazon affiliate links right from the WordPress post editor. You can create text links redirecting to any of the products available on Amazon which can give a better chance of enhancing your sale and carrying out the process of conversion.

Final thoughts: WordPress referral plugin

There you have it. Webmaster after creating their first WordPress website often want to join different affiliate programs for earning. These were the top 10 WordPress plugins that you can use for referral programs on the website. However, it is recommended that you install these plugins from authentic sites or WordPress itself to maintain the security of your information and effective functioning of the plugins.

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