Engage Your Reader Before They Hit Back Button : Content Marketing Tips

Most of the user’s decision to stay on a webpage or hit back button is taken within few seconds after landing. These 5-10 seconds are the most crucial to your website. Initially, the chances of reader bouncing off your page and heading back to the search engine page are very high.

There are multiple factors which need to be taken care of to reduce the probability of user leaving and decreasing the Bounce rate. A user engagement is not only a very important indicator whether your content is fulfilling its purpose but improves the dwell time on your website too.

Without any further ado let’s look at top 5 factor to increase the dwell time and hold your reader interest with these content marketing tips:

  1. Do you remember those old textbooks which only comes with lots and lots of text and no images to be seen anywhere? Yeah right! You do remember those. Here is a tip for you “DON’T MAKE YOUR BLOG POST LIKE THOSE GOD FORSAKEN PICTURELESS BOOKS”.

    It doesn’t take a genius mind to know that images can increase the dwell time and hold user interest in the blog post for a longer time. Your primary aim should be to include images in the blog post at random or at least equal interval. You can summarise different parts of the blogs in those images or show some related statistics.

    It is a good idea if your user can gather all the knowledge from those images in just a glance without even reading the whole multiple paragraphs (Who does that anyway nowadays?). You might want to develop some good looking Infographics too. There are multiple tools for developing infographic or any dimension images that you require like Canva.

  2. Don’t bring your audience to your shop for selling apples when they are looking for Oranges. That being said, it is very clear that relevancy is the key here. The intent of any blog post should be clear from the very start, you can’t hop around on different topics when you have promised user to give solution or information about only 1 particular topic. It is one of the most important Content Marketing Tips for beginners.

    That’s when interlinking comes into the picture, the sole purpose of interlinking in the blog post is to inform the user about another related topic. If done at a right place and at right time, internal links can prompt a user to read more. Although internal links can help in reducing the bounce rate and increase dwell time, it can also help in terms of SEO (Apparently Google Loves That). It is a great way to keep linking your old resources and bring them to some good use.

  3. I am going to keep it simple. DON’T BORE YOUR USER! I say to treat your user as a 5-year-old “very little patience and attention span”. Make your blog post as a story and make it very relatable to your user. It should come across as their own journey or something they have gone through themselves. Build up your case throughout the blog and in the end, give them the answer that has worked for you.
  4. Looks are important in Digital World (Don’t let anyone else tell you any different). It’s the 21st century and if you are not a little flashy with your design of blog then you might come under what they call “old school”. Using some engaging colors and some simple UI tricks like a slider, Popups, Infographics can do wonder to you. Design is directly related to Content Marketing Tips, what looks good sells good.

    Everything that is placed on your website should have a specific purpose. Selection of colors, fonts, highlighters and especially images should be given utmost importance. A user who comes on your website should fall in love with your design.

  5. You have to realize in the end even if you are doing everything alright, the one things that hold most important is whether the search query of the user is fulfilled or not. The user has come to you with a single query, you have managed to hold it’s attention with some cool UI design, made the post relatable to his problem and also made an emotional connect, that’s all great, but in the end what really matters is whether the user has found the answer to the question or search queries they had.

    Highlight your conclusion to give a summary answer to the blog and make sure you also provide the answer in that summary box.

After following all the above methods for Content Marketing Tips, I am sure you will be able to hold your user for longer times and leave an impression on their mind. The chances of them coming back to your blog for some other query will also increase to a great extent.

Let me know if you have any more input in the comment section.

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