Engage Your Reader Before They Hit Back Button : Content Marketing Tips


Most of the user’s decision to stay on a webpage or hit back button is taken within few seconds after landing. These 5-10 seconds are the most crucial to your website. Initially, the chances of reader bouncing off your page and heading back to the search engine page are very high. There are multiple factors which need to be taken care of to reduce the probability of user leaving and decreasing the Bounce rate. A user engagement is not only a very important indicator whether your content is fulfilling its purpose but…

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How to split pdf online for free? (Most SimpleTool In Market For PDF)

split pdf online

You can come across PDF documents everywhere when you’re on the internet. No matter you need to receive key information at work, view scanned documents, share portable documents with others and more. Overall, PDF document plays an important role in our life. Tools that split pdf online becomes even more crucial. As the most defining and popular info exchanging format online, PDF comes in handy in various places. It helps you easily package a slew of texts and images together, preserve the original content of the document, print document directly or…

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TED App Ideas Worth Spreading | iOS and Android app

TED App- Ideas Worth Spreading

                                                                            Android- Download TED App                iOS – Download TED App Most of you must have already heard of Ted Talks. Known for its inspirational and motivational videos, TED talks are truly sharing ideas worth spreading. My cousin had introduced me to TED talks a few months ago.…

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Aware – Include Meditation & Mindfulness In Your Life With Meditation App

Aware best meditation App

                          Android- Download Aware Meditation App    iOS – Download Aware Meditation App There has been so much written and spoken about meditation. Multiple scientific research studies have proven time and again about the benefits of meditation. It is evident today that meditation is essential for stress management, enhanced focus, productivity and overall wellness. Meditation Apps have made it possible to achieve all that. What has made meditation easier for people is hundreds of apps that are available today that teach…

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DesignEvo- The Best Online Logo Maker that Helps You Make a Standout Logo Easily

Online logo maker

Logo plays an important part in building up a public recognition. That’s why big brands spend a fortune and energy to come up with a logo. But for small business individuals and bloggers who can’t spend too much especially when starting a new business, then this is where Best Online Logo Maker  DesignEvo comes in. It is an excellent online logo design tool that allows you to quickly and easily create logo designs for any purpose without graphics design skill and experience needed. Easy to Use DesignEvo comes with a very intuitive and user-friendly interface, and…

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Gravity Pull VR Game | Virtual Reality App (YOU MUST TRY)

Gravity Pull VR game

With more advanced mobile phone devices, it is easier to play a versatile game which we could never imagine before like gravity pull VR. Kids and adults are talking about Vr apps which are slowing taking over the world of traditional game and apps. We are reviewing one of VR apps which have become the talk of the town in recent times. Gravity Pull has been created by vrmersive.  It has 16 puzzles that a player need to solve in order to complete the game.   You have to strategically place…

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Top 5 Most Useful Android Apps In Daily Life (Must Try At-least Once)

Apps for daily life

Apps are not just game or a fun activity for a free time, but more than that. They can help you alter your life in better way. You can set straight your sleep pattern or motivate yourself to do more and live without any health concerns.  You can make a huge difference in long-term with the help of these most useful android apps in daily life. Without further ado here are our top contenders for this position.  Top 5 most useful android apps in daily life are following :  Lifesum…

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Best Junk Cleaner App – Clean Your Android Device – Falcon Mobi Cleaner

download Best Junk Cleaner app

Download Falcon Mobi Cleaner   With Android apps consuming a whole lot of storage space on your phone you need the best Junk Cleaner app, encountering with software glitches have become quite common. After using for a long time, it tends to store caches and residue files that hinder the performance of your device. Comes in applications like junk cleaner and phone booster that clears everything up and offer you with the user experience you never thought you will be able to enjoy again.   Best Junk Cleaner app helps in cleaning…

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Top 20 Best Educational Apps For Kids Learning Without Parent Monitoring

best educational apps for kids

As new age parents, you should look out for best educational apps for kids. You have to be more alert with kids.  With Just a smartphone in hand, your kids can get exposure to multiple things which might be inappropriate for their growing mind. One has to know that kids while growing up are more susceptible with regards to what they hear and see.  Violent and adult Apps on the google play store are easy to download, especially for Generation X.  Today we at appsreviewhub will list down 20 Best…

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