Healthcare Lead Generation and Nurturing Guide 2020

Healthcare lead generation

There is no doubt that healthcare is spending big on digital advertising. According to Zenith’s research, there is going to be a 3.6% growth in healthcare advertising this year alone, bringing it totally to US$36bn. Hospital and solo practitioners across the globe are focusing on healthcare lead generation using different means. Patient lead generation can … Read more

Top 7 Dental Management Software 2020 – Run Practice Efficiently

Dental Management software

Dental practitioners know the importance of a well built and feature-rich dental management software. These are dental appointment scheduling software that takes care of all the paper works. Practitioners can focus on patients and increase their efficiency on a daily basis. Having said that, before buying any dental management software, you should know if they … Read more

7 Ways For Cart Abandonment Optimisation On Your WooCommerce store

Cart Abandonment Optimisation

Being a part of the online shopping business, you must have heard a variety of fancy terms, right?  Amidst all, WooCommerce Cart Abandonment or Cart Abandonment Optimisation are such terms that are used often but are understood very less.  In simple words, shopping cart abandonment is when a potential lead begins the checkout process for an … Read more

Top 4 Optometry EHR Softwares for small practices

Optometry EHR Software

An optometry practitioner knows that a good optometry EHR software can give the necessary freedom to focus on patients. With more time to spend on looking after patients, the quality of care given to patients increase exponentially which later results in more patients. Without a proper EHR and practice management system in place, the scheduling … Read more

App builders to create small business mobile app in 2020

Small business mobile app

If you have an e-commerce website, online store, product or any service based business then you need a small business mobile app to connect with your customers in real time. Business apps are widely used to engage customers and often to promote discount coupons, new product launches or promotional offers using push notification features of … Read more

Not Just Good But Perfect: 10 Best Landing Page Templates

landing pages template

It is impossible to argue that your landing page plays a crucial role in your business promotion. However, it might be difficult to design every single element of your online-project. There are so many elements you should take care of. These include a heading, social integration, trust elements, and many others. Without them, your landing … Read more

How and Why to Make Your WordPress Website GDPR and Cookie Consent Compliant

GDOR compliant website

Complying with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a daunting process. WordPress site owners face a maze of legal requirements — all under the threat of large fines. Thankfully, keeping your site on the right side of this strict new privacy law is as simple as following a few steps. Read on to learn … Read more

Yoga, Travel, Meditation – Push Your Project Forward with the Best 15 WordPress Templates

WordPress Themes

Content outline: Intro Review of the Best 15 WordPress Themes to Push Your Project Forward Conclusion Intro “Yoga means addition – addition of energy, strength and beauty to body, mind and soul.” – Amit Ray Humanity is always in the pursuit of perfection. Today, yoga is quite a common method of maintaining good health and … Read more