Securing Emails Using Best Email Encryption Service Provider

Email Encyption Service Provider

As we progress with technology around the world, the importance of privacy and data protection has become a major concern. With so many hackers and unwanted risks involved online, it has become highly necessary to use an email encryption service for your business besides several other protections against cyber risks. Back in August 2013, around … Read more

How does a CRM work for business to achieve success

How to use CRM

When dealing with a lot of clients on a regular basis, learning how does CRM work can become crucial in helping the business succeed. CRM software is basically a tool that helps you connect the business goals and customer satisfaction so that you can enjoy an outcome that will benefit both. It’s no secret that … Read more

Chatbots in Healthcare Industry for Patient Engagement and Conversion

Healthcare chatbots in medical industry

Technology has taken huge steps in improving healthcare development in the past decade and one of the latest innovations is chatbots in healthcare industry. Healthcare services are a necessity and more delayed the service, the higher the risk of health issues. Thus people started appointment-based phone sessions, video sessions and informative websites to help patients … Read more

Top 5 Noise Cancelling Apps For Telecommunication

Noise cancelling apps

Work from home can be a blessing for individuals who have their family responsibilities to fulfill. You can sit on your comfortable sofa wearing favorite pajamas and still be productive enough to deliver good results. This all sounds good until you know what challenges work from home brings, like all the background noises when you … Read more

List of HIPAA Compliant Video Conferencing Platforms 2020

HIPAA compliant video conferencing

When it comes to healthcare, the distance between the healthcare facility and patients plays an important role in achieving better results. HIPAA compliant video conferencing platforms have an important role to play during this situation. Patients who had facilities located far from their living place had the worst outcomes on their health in comparison to … Read more

List Of Most Downloaded Apps During COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Most downloaded Apps during COVID-19

Ever Since the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic has started and people are isolated in their homes, their usage of the internet has increased…… Here is the list of apps that got downloaded the most during COVID-19 Quarantine Most Downloaded App During COVID-19 / Coronavirus iOS Android It is clear from the charts above that networking apps … Read more