Best HD wallpaper app to with multiple collections of images and live wallpaper

One of the hardest task to do after you have a brand new android phone is to find the best HD wallpaper app. WIth the number of wallpaper app present in the google play store, one would surely get confused between choosing the right one.  Any wallpaper app would have multiple images in its database but the quality would definitely vary as per different wallpaper app. We, here in this article would point top 5 app in the google play store that you should try at least once for wallpapers.

Backgrounds HD (Wallpapers) By OGQ


Backgrounds HD Android App Download

The simple UI and the great collection of wallpapers, lead this Best HD Wallpaper App to more than a million download in the google play store. The app boast of one of the best collections of wallpapers in the market, whether it is on some newly launched topic or some of the hottest actress. The app gets almost daily updates for new wallpapers collection. One of the best features that we totally love about background HD wallpapers app is that it lets you add your wallpaper for sharing with the public. Some of the other noticeable features of the wallpapers app are following:


  • Searching for wallpapers among 30 provided categories is really easy. You can even search for wallpapers as per keyword basis rather than just randomly searching for wallpapers.
  • The images in the app has all the information about themselves i.e artist information and their website
  • With Android 5.0 Material design the app and the wallpaper don’t cause any slowdown in the Phone.
  • Option to remember your history and favorites is a big plus.

The app also gives some basic editing option to crop and resize the image as per your requirement. Overall the Backgrounds HD by OGB does its job pretty well.

3D Wallpapers  App By Best of the Best developers 


3D Wallpapers App Android Download

If you ever felt like just simple wallpapers are not enough then we have an upgrade for you. This Best HD Wallpaper App has one of the biggest collections of the 3D wallpapers. With their regular update and good quality of wallpapers in their database, they have reached millions of download in the app store. Their small features like viewing wallpapers in full screen really let you choose and the best wallpaper for your home screen not to mention the superb quality of the images available. You also have the option to either download the wallpapers in your gallery or share them with your friends. Some of the best features we found in the app are following:


  • This app comes with huge database of images which you are surely going to love
  • wallpapers give you the feel of 3D graphics in your phone
  • Easy to understand UI of the app really makes user-friendly
  • The app is low on pop up adds 
  • You can share your wallpapers with friends and family through text message and MMS also

You can definitely give this app a try if 3D wallpapers interest you. With the kind of reviews this app gets in the google play store there are almost no issues with the app.

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Wallpapers and Backgrounds by WallpapersCraft | True HD 4К Wallpapers 

Wallpapers and Background Android App

When it comes to detailing this Best HD Wallpaper App beats every other app. This wallpaper app by wallpaperscraft gives and suggest you images as per your device size so every image that you see and want to try, will come default screen size as per your phone. The images are of  HD and Ultra HD which is 4k quality. (080×1920 px (Full HD 1080p) and 2160×3840 px (Ultra HD 4K) ).  The developers also claim that all the wallpapers in the app are personally selected as per individual screen size for perfect fit. Some of the best features we found in this app are following:


  • The real size of wallpapers as per your phone screen size for hassle-free use.
  • Images are of ultra HD and handpicked for individual devices
  • Frequently update or addition of new wallpapers in the database.
  • The images are a perfect fit for the size of the screen hence it conserves battery and internet.

The app comes with Multiple categories which have ample amount of images to choose from. 

Best Wallpapers QHD By Catple


Best Wallpapers QHD Android App Download

If you are only looking for a Best HD Wallpaper App which simple caters wallpapers with no extra setting then Best Wallpapers QHD is the app for you. The app has a very minimalistic design where the user can navigate and find different wallpapers as per their requirement.  The app also has an editors choice section where the best-rated wallpapers are listed down for selection. The wallpaper app has multiple categories and the qualities of the images are good. Some of the best features we found in the app is following: 


  • Simple but yet rich design of the UI for users
  • Tabs for recent wallpapers uploaded and tab for random wallpapers appearance are there in app
  • You can find wallpapers are per required category and even colors
  • option to set solid colors as the background is available in the app
  • Save images option is also available in the app

The Best HD Wallpaper App works smoothly without any lag and the quality of the images are up to the mark. The images are downloaded from the internet so one would require an internet connection all the time.

1,000,000 Wallpapers HD by EG Touch Pics


1,000,000 Wallpapers HD Android App Download

With more than 1 Million wallpapers in their database, the Best HD Wallpaper App is sure to woo you away with all the wallpapers they have.  This wallpaper app by EG Touch pics has crossed more than a million download in the google play store. You have multiple options in the app to choose what to do with wallpaper, you can either download it and save on your SD card or like and directly make it your wallpaper. Features that we love about the app are following:


  • The app makes it easy for fast browsing the wallpapers in the app 
  • Option to see the all-time high favorite wallpapers
  • New wallpapers are added to the app every week.
  • Search for wallpapers by category, favorites and popular feature.

This Best HD Wallpaper App features are almost same as per the other app but its fast browsing feature and the quality of the wallpapers have added it to among favorite wallpapers apps

Conclusion for Best HD Wallpaper App

In our opinion, most the apps have huge database of different images but small small features really give them a special place in the top 5 . You can choose which feature appeal to you the most and give it a try. let us know in comment section about you experience after using any of the above mentioned app.

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