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There has been so much written and spoken about meditation. Multiple scientific research studies have proven time and again about the benefits of meditation. It is evident today that meditation is essential for stress management, enhanced focus, productivity and overall wellness. Meditation Apps have made it possible to achieve all that. What has made meditation easier for people is hundreds of apps that are available today that teach mindfulness & meditation in the simplest way possible?



  But there are many concerns that still exist about
  meditation apps

  • The widely noted concern with these meditation apps is inculcating mindfulness & meditation as a daily habit. While these apps make meditation simple, they don’t have expertise in behavioural science to help people build it as a habit. So, a huge percentage of people give meditation a try but quit very quickly.
  • Another issue with these meditation apps is that they don’t fit perfectly into the busy lifestyles that we live today. Not everyone has time to meditate for longer durations, so that makes meditation an occasional exercise for them.
  • Popular meditation apps that are available today like Headspace and Calm cost a bomb. Their monthly subscription charge is around $11-12/month, which is more than what you pay for Netflix. Does meditation need to be such an expensive practice? Definitely, not.

It was the beginning of 2016 and after my friend’s persuasion, I started my meditation practice. I searched and read a lot about the right meditation app for me, and in the process, tried more than 10 apps. You name a meditation app and I had tried it. All of them seemed very scary and boring or very expensive. Finally, I landed upon Aware and then, I didn’t look further.

Aware introduced me to meditation & mindfulness with their 21-day Foundation Course which delves into the basic meditation techniques like breathing and body scanning. With 10 minutes a day, I immediately felt the difference it was making in my life.

The course also has small meditation sessions of a minute or two called Energizers, that I could take up on days that I didn’t have the time or when I felt tired or stressed. It helped me to fit meditation into my busy lifestyle and encouraged me to meditate daily.

After I completed the Foundation Course, Aware unlocked more than 20 courses focussed on various aspects of health & performance like stress, anxiety, happiness, focus, sleep, creativity and more. It gave me the option to take the course that I wanted too, and also the freedom to take multiple courses at the same time.


It also unlocked more than 20 Single meditation sessions that help to bring mindfulness in our day-to-day activities and situations like – Waking Up, Walking, Eating, Waiting, Exam and more.

The key differentiator for me in Aware is their Daily Guide Courses.

Aware provides a daily meditation session that helps one to practice the exercises learned in the course. The daily sessions are crafted using an artificially intelligent algorithm that tracks my mood of the day and accordingly prepares the right meditation track for me.

I have been using the Daily Guide of the Foundation Course for the past 30 days and I must say, I feel so much more relaxed, focused that I see myself doing better at work.


The guide in Aware has a pleasant friendly voice and makes meditation with Aware very immersive and effective. The guide keeps motivating every day and leaves with you little tips that could have life-changing impact in one’s life.

Aware also has tools like Breathe that make meditation customizable and easier. They also have Mindy who keeps sharing best practices and tips daily and motivates you to make meditation a daily habit. With the right kind of mixture between sleep improvement and meditation, you can achieve the optimal health you have always desired.

The best thing about Aware is that it cares for its users. Their support is excellent and they write back to you in less than a minute for any doubt or query you have regarding meditation. Their sincerity is also reflected in their pricing. The app follows a unique, no questions asked premium upgrade policy where they upgrade any user to premium if they are unable to pay for the subscription. They say their subscription model is mission-driven and not business-driven.

If you’re looking to inculcate meditation in your daily life, Aware is what you must try

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