Top 5 Noise Cancelling Apps For Telecommunication

Work from home can be a blessing for individuals who have their family responsibilities to fulfill. You can sit on your comfortable sofa wearing favorite pajamas and still be productive enough to deliver good results.

This all sounds good until you know what challenges work from home brings, like all the background noises when you are on a super important call with your teammate or boss. In fact, background noises are one of the most common problems for individuals working from home.

You can see below the rising trend of work from home. Companies all over the world are implementing policies around work from home culture for attracting young talents.

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Given that the work from home trend is going to grow, we need to get efficient and should be able to ignore disturbance around us. One of the common disturbances that people face is background noise Interruptions during a call:

  • Family members interruptions
  • Pet (Specially Dog barking)
  • Door Bells interruptions
  • Loud noise in any form during calls with team members and boss

Things get really irritating when you are on the call and those interruptions begin to hamper your work. To resolve and improve the efficiency of people working from home here are some of the best noise Cancelling apps for telecommunication.

Top 5 Noise Cancelling Apps

  1. Sound Amplifier (By Google)
  2. krisp
  3. Solicall
  4. Microsoft Teams
  5. Zoom

Sound Amplifier By Google

Launched in 2019 it works by customizing frequencies to hear in loud backgrounds places. Sound Amplifier works with wired headphones and amplifies the sound of people in the real world. You can focus on the conservation and let the app take care of the background voices no matter what place you are having conservation.

Some of the features are following –

  • Amplify natural sound of person for clear hearing
  • Adjusting of setting with just 2 simple sliders
  • Customizing setting as per your requirement for different ear at once
  • Increases the listing capabilities of people in loud places
  • Audio visualization

The app requires access to your microphone for real-time processing. Moreover, you need to keep your headphones attached all the time for this to work. This might a deal-breaker for some of the people who are looking for noise cancelling apps.

Works great for real time face to face conversations but still lacks for functionality to work during call. Let’s see some other apps.


Krisp is an all-rounder for canceling background noises, it doesn’t matter what telecommunication app you are using. You don’t have to mute yourself again and again during an online meeting because of annoying and constant background noises.

Goodbye to dogs and kids shouting in the background, You can fully concentrate on your work without any distractions. Although, did find the iOS version of the app but we couldn’t find the android version and we certainly hope they release in future.

Some more features of iOS app are following:

  • The better performance than built-in noise cancellation features of the phone
  • No need to hold the phone in any specific position
  • Can make calls from the market or any other public location and still have effective noise cancellation
  • Works with using Deep Neural Networks functions

Krisp uses the AI (Artificial Intelligence) method to filter the noise from your telecommunication meeting. If you are looking for an all-round app from desktop to mobile app then it the top choice in noise cancelling apps.


Noise reduction technology leader Solicall comes with all the features like Noise Firewall, Echo reduction, and Background noise reduction. Although these options are only for companies who are working with large call centers or big support teams around the world. Solicall features are helping them to increase phone call quality and reduce noise.

On the other hand, Solicall PBXMATE CLASSIC aimed to reduce the noise and echo between phone calls between people.

Some more features are following

  • Noise reduction on both the side call
  • Secure the call from ambient noises
  • Echo cancellation and suppression
  • Constantly maintained audio level in all environment
  • Monitoring of call quality
  • Improved quality of conferencing quality using a conferencing bridge

If you are looking for noise reduction in call at a company level then Solicall might be the suitable solution for you.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft team is one of the most sought apps for telecommunication in the IT industry. From team meetings to conferencing with clients, this app has become a necessary part of an IT company, especially during the lock-down. Given the usage of the app, Microsoft knew about problems faced because of background noises faced during the conference calls.

In recent updates, Microsoft introduced AI-powered noise reduction for improving the quality of calls. The quality of calls especially during group conference calls has improved drastically and more understandable now.

Some of the more features of app are following

  • AI powered noise reduction
  • Support if fast and reliable
  • Individual calls clarity is good
  • Meeting and document sharing capabilities

If you are looking for a solution that is widely used and dependable then Microsoft Team might be the right choice for you. Combined with professional email ID and telecommunication apps you won’t feel like working from Office anymore.


Zoom has emerged as one of the best noise cancelling apps for telecommunication with capabilities of noise cancellation. In their recent blog Zoom has mentioned they use superiors technologies to detect and suppress the background noise during the conference calls between team-mates.

Some features are following:

  • No keyboard background noises
  • Recognizing background noises
  • Automatic suppression of background disturbance
  • Automatic adjustment of optimum volume to speak

App also lets you share files, share your screen or documents with your team-mates. AS long as devices are concerned it works across devices that are supported by iOS,Android and Desktop.

Conclusion on best noise cancelling apps

In our research we found Krisp and Microsoft Team equally capable to reduce noise while being on call. You can be at any place like a cafe or closed house with your kids and pets, there will always be ease to have business calls with your team members.

Let us know in the comment section if you want to add any other app in the list.

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