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In today’s time, there are many sources of entertainment like Reality shows, Comedy shows, Daily cops, Hollywood and Bollywood movies and much more. We never want to miss any of our favorite episodes or movies. With voot app, users can watch their favorite episode from their mobile and they don’t have to wait to switch on the TV and tune into their channel to watch their favorite episodes.

Voot allows users to capture all the entertainment at one place and keep updating with the latest trending episodes

Highlight Voot App 

Voot gives users on the go connectivity, as well as many categories to watch all the shows of almost all Indian languages. Voot app allows users to stream it to their mobile. A user can download it on their device and watch later. Voot has all the shows and movies on the basis of language.

Similarly, they have categories these things on the basis of the region from user’s perspective to make it easier for users to search their favorite list of shows or movies. With voot users can watch mashups, promos, trailers, spoiler alerts, music videos and much more on their mobile.

Voot app is for everyone. Even kids can use it to watch their favorite cartoon episode. Parents can allow their children’s to watch an episode, and they can restrict their children to watch only these shows with security pin. Parents can set security pin for their children so that their children could not access any other shows.

Voot app has multiple features to hook the audience for binge watching.

Furthermore, Voot app has an interesting feature named voot picks. It gives users suggestions to watch the famous and trending video of all time. With this feature, users won’t be able to miss out any of the trending shows or events. Voot has a feature to resume shows from where the user has left it. While watching a show if a user left the video without completing it than voot allow users to continue watching that show from where the user has left it or can start from the beginning.

Features of Voot app

  • Voot allows users to have free entertainment on their mobile.
  • Users can restrict to watch shows which they don’t want to watch.
  • Kids have a limit to watch certain shows they can’t watch all shows.
  • Voot picks suggest users watch the famous and trending shows.
  • Using discover cards users can watch famous and trending shows.
  • It is easier for the user to switch between voot for kids and voot by using security pin.
  • The app allows users to resume the show from where they left it.
  • It allows users to share their favorite shows to social media platforms.
  • The app allows users to download shows to their mobile and watch it later.

User Review on Google Play Store

  • Show error on logging in and take around 10 seconds and more to respond
  • Data usage is too high and not everyone can afford it
  • After certain time period, the performance of the app reduces as it gets big on size
  • Too many ads displays during the show or content viewed by the user, which in turn ruins the experience
  • Not much variety is available
  • People are demanding for high-quality content like Netflix.
  • The rate of episodes getting uploaded is slow, as it gets uploaded after 24 hours
  • Takes too much space after viewing some episodes and make phone laggy and poor in performance

Voot App Conclusion

Voot app is a one-stop entertainment platform that offers users to give entertainment for free. It gives on the go connectivity. Which users can watch their favorite episode anytime from anywhere without even missing a single episode. Voot keeps updating with the famous and trending shows so users should not miss any of their favorite shows. Features of voot app have made a good engagement with the users to retain on their platform and keep using and share it, in their networks.

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