8 Methods To Find Guest Posting Sites For Link Building Exercise

Today, I am going to show you how to never run out of the website for guest posting. You should aim to find at least 15 – 20 new guest posting sites every day for your email approaches.

While working in the digital marketing field you can never ignore link building exercise. If you want to promote your website and get traffic that converts into sales then focusing on link building is not optional. Link building is among the top 3 factors that you need to consider apart from Content and Rankbrain features of Google ranking factors for higher ranking and traffic.

But it is easily said than done, there are multiple methods that you can choose for building links like following –

  • Content Marketing – Here a guide from backlinko on this. Personally for me as a digital marketer creating a fabulous piece of content will always be a preferred method for attracting links to my website. These links are editorial in nature and Google algorithms really love these kinds of links. But, we all know coming up with a kickass content that beats competitors is really never that easy. If you can do it then go for it otherwise continue reading.
  • Competitors research – This one is no brainer but does come handy a lot. All you have to do is have access to a tool like ahrefs put your competitor’s page link (The page with the target keyword you want to rank for) in site explorer and see the backlinks profile. You will get pretty much all the websites that are linking to your competitors rather than find guest posting sites manually. Now just pick up the pace and reach out to all those websites for linking to your website.

Here how it looks like – For example I took an example of keyword “link building services” I go to Google and see which website is ranking at no 1.

I pick up the URL and put it into ahref’s site explorer

The next step will show all the links form different websites that are pointing towards your competitors.

Now note down all the websites that are pointing towards your competitor and reach out to them for links. And, don’t forget to approach them with better content than what they are pointing towards in their articles.

There are other multiple ways for that you can incorporate into your strategy for link building like following –

  • Blog Commenting
  • Directory submission
  • Info-graphic submission
  • Social book marking
  • Local listing and what not

If you are interested in all the above methods then you can go through this guide for more in-depth understanding. For me personally getting links from individual websites or authoritative websites are much more preferrable then above mentioned activities. The return on efforts is much great on guest posting sites than the time spent on the above-mentioned activities.

Check out this link quality guide on why you should focus on getting links from an authoritative and relevant niche like yours and their impact

Apart From Content marketing and Competitor research for backlinks there is the Guest Posting method.

What are guest post ?

Guest post is an activity where you contribute an article on other websites. There are many benefits of doing this for examples

  • Link building
  • Brand building
  • Referral traffic
  • Relationships with other webmaster

Among the above four mentioned benefits, we are only going to focus on Link Building.

So guest posting sounds easy, right ? Not so much. According to an article on backlinks only Only 8.5% of outreach emails receive a response As a webmaster there is no denying that they get a lot of emails for guest post everyday. And, it is practically impossible to give chance to everyone.

Keeping that in mind, if you want to increase your chances of guest posting then you need to keep finding new websites every day and keep approaching.

But the question arises how do I find guest posting sites every day? at some point they are bound to repeat again and again. Well, that is true if you don’t know how to looks for a new one. There are practically huge numbers of websites that you haven’t approached yet. Check out the current number of websites on Google

how do I find guest posting opportunities ?

Here are 8 methods that I personally use to find websites for guest posting –

  • Link searching . com
  • Automated Excel Sheet with Search operators incorporated
  • Simple old plain search operators
  • ahrefs’ similar website feature
  • Relevant and People also search for terms on SERP using WNS Everywhere
  • Content Explorer
  • Google search with Time setting


Link searching .com is a pretty neat little tool that gives you the ability to find websites for literally anything. Be it find a website for Guest Posting, blog commenting, Forum Posting, Directory submission, article submission, Social bookmarking websites, .edu, or .gov links.

The only dependency on you would be that, how creative you can be with the use of the keywords. Given the number of combinations of searches you can perform, you are bound to found new guest posting sites quickly and easily.

Automated Excel Sheet with Search operators incorporated

Created by the guys at GOBIGGR this automated excel sheet comes handy to insert multiple keywords at once and using search operators for searching for different guest posting websites.

You can find this sheet here and get started with finding guest post sites. Pretty neat little tools.

Simple old plain search operators

These are different characters that run commands for specific purposes on Google Search Page. Also called “Advance operators” can help in content research and also for finding websites for a guest posts for link building activities.

Some of the advance search operators are following –

  1. intitle – Searches in page titles for specific exact keyword that you mention
  2. allintitle – Searches for every keywords not depending on the exact match
  3. inurl – Looks for keyword or phrase in the URLs
  4. allinurl – Search for every individual terms
  5. intext – Searches for text or phrase in body , Quoted text
  6. allintext – Searches for body text for all words in keywords
  7. filetype – Searched file types lik PDF, DOC, XLS, PPT, and TXT
  8. related – Finds similar websites that are target domain

You can refer MOZ guide for complete understanding of Google search operators.

Here is how it will look when you run the search operator perfectly –


Notice how all the results show in the search result have the keyword in the “Link Building services”

ahrefs’ similar website feature

This is my favorite way for finding new websites for guest posting. All you need is access to ahref’s account.

  • Go to site explorere
  • On the left hand side locate the Competing domain
  • Competing domain page with similar websites

From here on you can do a competing domain for every website, This is quick doesn’t require much of a work to find a quality website that you can approach for link building via guest posting.

Relevant and People also search for terms on SERP using WNS Everywhere Plugin

This is a trick fairly simple when you think of it for finding guest posting sites. The keyword for which you are searching for a website for guest posting will surely have different various or LSI. All you need to do is identify those keywords and search for guest posting websites using them.

I have been using KeywordsEveywhere for looking related searches and people also looked for queries. But unfortunately, it is a paid tool.

However, I do have a free alternative. WNS Everywhere it works similar like KeywordsEverywhere but does it for free.

Pick up these different variation of keywords for searching websites and start reaching for guest posts.

Content Explorer of ahrefs

ahrefs also give a feature to look for newly found content in their database. The feature is called Content Explorer and much appreciated in the SEO industry for finding new content.

After running a query “link building service” I can see some of the websites that are recently found writing about the same topic. From here on all, you need to do it note down those websites and approach them for guest posting.

Search with Google Time setting

I use this trick to find the newly published and indexed articles by Google on that given keywords.
For example “Link building services”. You can click tools and then select the time duration that you think will be good enough.


The benefit of this tool can be beneficial for any digital marketer for finding newly indexed articles.


Time needed: 30 days, 23 hours and 59 minutes.

How to find website for guest posting

  1. Use linksearching.com website

    Use various combinations of keywords and search operators using this website for finding relevant websites from same niche for guest posting

  2. Automated excel sheet

    You can use this excel sheet built with search operators to run different queries with different search operations.

  3. Using Search operators

    intitleallintitle inurlallinurlintext


  4. ahrefs similar domain

    check out the competing domain in ahrefs or similar SEO tool

  5. Keyword Variation

    Use keyword variation to find sites.

  6. Content explorer

    Use ahrefs content explorer for finding new articles on the same topic and reach out to those website

  7. Google Time setting

    Use Google time setting for finding recent written and indexed articles on Google. Approach those website for guest posting

Google search commands to search for Guest Post sites

  • “Add Guest Post” keyword
  • “Become a Contributor” keyword
  • “Become a Guest Blogger” keyword
  • “Become a Guest Writer” keyword
  • “Become a Contributor” keyword
  • “Become a guest author” keyword
  • “Blogs that Accept Guest Blogging” keyword
  • “Blogs that Accept Guest Posts” keyword
  • “Become an Author” keyword
  • “Blog For Us” keyword
  • “Blogs Accepting Guest Posts” keyword
  • “Blogs that Accept Guest Bloggers” keyword
  • “Guest Blogger” keyword
  • “Guest Bloggers Wanted” keyword
  • “Blogs that Accepting Guest Posts” keyword
  • “Contribute to our Site” keyword
  • “Guest Blog For Us” keyword
  • “Guest Post” keyword
  • “Now Accepting Guest Posts” keyword
  • “Guest blogging guidelines” keyword
  • “Guest Blogging Spot” keyword
  • “Guest Contributor” keyword
  • “Guest post by” keyword
  • “This guest post was written” keyword
  • “This is a Guest Post” keyword
  • “Submit Guest Post” keyword
  • “The following guest post” keyword
  • “This guest post is from” keyword
  • “we accept contributors” keyword
  • “We accept guest blogs” keyword
  • “Want to Write for” keyword
  • Industry+Guest+Contributor keyword
  • Industry+Guest+Writer keyword
  • “We accept guest posts” keyword
  • “Write For Us” keyword
  • Industry+Guest+Author keyword
  • inpostauthor:”guest author” keyword
  • intitle:”write for us” keyword
  • intitle:”write for us” keyword
  • inpostauthor:”guest post” keyword
  • inpostauthor:”guest” keyword
  • intitle:”contribute to” keyword
  • intitle:”guest post keyword
  • intitle:”submit” + inurl:blog keyword
  • intitle:guest keyword
  • inurl:- “join us” keyword
  • intitle:”write for us” keyword
  • intitle:”write for” OR intitle”contribute” keyword
  • intitle:contributor keyword
  • inurl:”write for us” keyword
  • inurl:”write for us” keyword
  • inurl:”guest post” keyword
  • inurl:”guest post” keyword
  • inurl:contributor keyword
  • inurl:guest keyword

If you think finding Guest posting sites for link building is hard then you are not wrong. But we can make automate the process and get results. Working on content and Link building are two most important factors for increasing your traffic. Here are some content marketing tips that you can follow to improve your content.

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