Firefox Focus browser Android app for better browsing experience

We all agree on the point that native chrome browser in android lacks UI and Functionality. Sooner or later we all shift to a new browser with better functions. Functions like fast browsing option,  Better safety,  Easy download option, better file management.  These options are must for any person before choosing any browser.  Firefox Focus Browser Android App available in google play store solves almost all our issues.

Firefox Focus Browser Android App

  • Firefox new browser makes sure that no one is tracking your online activity on different websites that you visit.
  • Total Prevention from ads.  This browser automatically blocks ads and make your surfing experience smooth.
  • Options to erase your history, passwords and history make sure that no ads will follow you.
  • No setting required to block ads. It is done automatically by the browser,  from the moment you enter the app and leave it.

Firefox Focus is not just fast but keep you safe from all ads and Tracking

One of the best features that define Firefox Focus Browser Android App different from its competitors is its ability to use fewer data. Since there are no ads to show and no cookies to store, the internet consumption goes down, saving you precious data.  The browser speed also increases because of this feature, as there are no ads to show. In comparison to Uc Browser android app , Firefox focus is much more simple and to the point.

App walkthrough

The Focus browser opens with cards explaining different functions of the app,  Power to Privacy, Option to select another default search engines, adding shortcuts to your home screen. The app has a very clean interface, with just a top search bar.  The keyboard automatically opens up when you click on the search bar.

In the setting bar, you will come across four different options which are About, Help, Your Rights, and Setting.  About and help tabs are pretty much what you would expect. In the setting tab, you would find options for Language selection. In the search option, you can select your default search engine.  There are 6 options available for search engine selection,

  1. Google
  2. Yahoo
  4. DuckDuckGo
  5. Twitter
  6. Wikipedia

You have ability to choose your favorite search engine as a default in firefox focus browser

In the privacy setting section, you have the option to block ad trackers, block analytic trackers, block social trackers and block other content trackers. Firefox Focus Browser Android App. It also comes with an option of stealth mode which can hide webpages when switching apps.

User Review.

  • Simple home screen, which directly opens the keyboard without clicking the search bar is one among many features
  • The Firefox new browser requires less space and is light on the phone.
  • It doesn’t work well with Torrent site.
  • Sometimes failure to render pages on app.
  • The browser is minimalistic,  fast and simple in nature.
  • Options to have more tabs and save bookmarks is required.
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