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Smile, please! Love taking pictures? Selfies, candids etc.We all love to take pictures where ever we go, isn’t it?.  In fact, it is a whole big bag of memories. Sometimes normal pictures are too boring and we do not have enough options to edit our picture and so we can’t explore more. Picsart the best photo editing app will solve your problems.

With this best photo editing app at times unique filters, funny emoji’s, stickers make our picture perfect and very adorable.  And are like the cherry on the cake. However we need to edit our pictures in such a way that everyone loves it,

so when we post our pics on social networking sites we want to be popular and want more followers to follow us. This all happens only when we post attractive pics.Teenagers must be very particular about their pictures.

So, here is a great option for all the photographers of their own gallery PICSART.  This is the best photo editing app.  This app allows several different filters to edit our photos and many more different options which make your pic look adorable.

When you open the app different options will be displayed on the screen.The first option will be

Editing Photos After selecting this option your photo gallery will be displayed on the screen you can select any picture that you feel to edit, as the pic is selected the same pic arrive on picsart and then you can begin with your editing.Mainly the effects are :

FX Filters : Effects such as hdr, light cross, dodger, sea foam, hdr2, drama, Cinerama, b&w, crisp, Twilight, film, vibrant , vignette , retro , sunny, Orton , b&w hdr , b&w low lon , ivory , vintage , lomo , warm color, sharpen etc are the FX filters once the effect is being selected we can tick on the tick mark and proceed for the further editing,with all these filters it easly becomes the best photo editing app among android and appple users.

TOOLS: After selecting this option we have different tools like. Crop this tool is used to delete the unwanted part of your picture.

Other is the clone, this tool is can be used as first select the part of the picture. If you want to clone it and then drag your picture will be closed.

Other tools such as stretch, motion, selection, curves, adjust, enhance, tilt, shift, perspective, flip/rotate, are available can be used accordingly.

: Picsart the best photo editing app comes with, various kinds of stickers that picsart has provided for the users.You can insert stickers depending upon the type of the picture.There are different category for stickers which helps for easy pick up from collection like love, emotions,  birthday, funny etc

: This option allows us to type a text on our pic with different colors font style stroke, opacity, blend, shadow, text, orientation.

: This effect is really amazing here the picture comes in square shape and one more square behind the picture and the border can be your favorite color or blur or any other image. This feature set it apart from its competitor and make it one of the best photo editing app.

: As we select this option we can see a small dot on the screen with help of that dot you can draw your favorite picture or make funny marks on the picture.

Other features like a stamp, lens filter, shape mask frame, callout, are the different features.  They will help you for detail editing. Your picture and you must try because they are really amazing.

After editing you can save the pictures to your gallery or also can share to people via social networking sites.

The next option that you can see is :

COLLAGE MAKING:  As you select this option you get different styles in which you would like your college to be like grid form, free style, frame etc.You can select the style and select as many pictures you want and make a photo collage this option is really nice cause you can see all your favorite pictures in one image.All the above filters can be used to edit your collage.

PHOTO REMIX CHAT: Here you can edit and share a picture with your friends. You have the option to chat and create groups too.

Next, you have your personal timeline like Instagram and Facebook where you can share like comment on your friend’s picture. And also can see others posts too.

                                                 Best Photo Editing App Review

People are going crazy about the app having an amazing experience with picsart. Some of them faced problems like if they try to add more stickers at a time their screen turns dark. They tried to uninstall and then again reinstall the app but the still faced same problem. Non the less they all love this app.

Apart from this, they had an issue of picture size if the image is higher than 5mp it got reduced. They say can’t give 5 stars to this app as 5 stars mean full satisfaction which is not true.

Users say to add online cropping mode as it becomes difficult our own image and to create your own sticker. They requested to add more stickers to make image funkier.

This is the best photo editing app you can download it from play store with help of following links.

Google Play Store              Itune Store

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