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Being a person who loves to travel, I have always had a hard time managing monies. It also sometimes gets difficult to ask your friends for the money that they owe you. It gets more interesting if you have a bad memory and you fail to remember the loan you give to your friends or family.

Sometimes you forget to make a note and then it gets more difficult. Splitwise a bill sharing app to the rescue, people! The Splitwise app helps you manage, share and splitting bills with roommates easy.

How Splitwise helps you manage your bills

Splitwise lets you add groups and then add people to your groups. You can have as many groups as you like. Once you add friends, they get notified that you have added them. This is it! It’s this simple.

Now you are ready to add bills. What is exciting is, you do not necessarily have to split the bills among all the members of the group.

You can specify who paid and who it should be distributed among. So, in case if your group has planned to have drinks, and you are not the one who drinks (well, that is sad but okay!); the bill can be added by any of the group members and they just have to not select your name while selecting split options.

Here are the situations where bill sharing app  Splitwise will come in handy

  • Grocery cost splitting app
  • restaurant bill splitting app
  • split travel expenses app
  • splitting bills with roommates for rent and bill payments.

Another cool thing about the Splitwise app is, any one of the group members can add bills. They have this ‘Activity’ tab which shows the history of all the bills added to any group. Thus, you can anytime verify the bills added. Splitwise really makes your life easier people.

Features of Splitwise Bill Sharing App

  • It tells you at a glance how much you owe and how much anyone from a group owes you.
  • Every activity of the group is recorded by Splitwise. It then notifies you of the activity and you can anytime go back to ‘Activity’ tab to check history.
  • It’s free of cost and free of ads.
  • It gives a large number of currency options.
  • It lets you categorize your expense- food, fuel, rent, to name a few.
  • One of a very cool feature of Splitwise is it lets you add bill receipts as an image for any bill that you include for a group.

You can divide a bill equally, or within a few members of the group and splits takes care of the money owed by you and owed to you accordingly. Thus, you are saved from handling complicated calculations.

It lets you know when any bill is settled. So, if someone pays you the money that is owed- you(or the other person) can make an entry of that in splits; and it will be settled.

Splitwise app is free for Android and iOS. Moreover, they also provide a web version.(Splitwise Web) You can choose the type of notification you would like to receive. It could either be on your number, or your email, or both. These settings are configurable.

Splitwise Reviews

Rated 4.5 on App Store and 4.6 on Play Store. I went through a lot many reviews and had a hard time finding any complaints. There have been suggestions for adding a search option (which it is believed to be there in Splitwise Pro).

People have loved the app and have thanked the developers for making their life easier. People have also appreciated the quick responses by developers in the app store and play store. The bill sharing app is around 74 Mb on iPhones.

My personal view? This is one app which (even if not being used on daily basis) have not been removed from my phone since its installed. It always comes handy even for keeping a record of movies and hangout expenses with friends and family.

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